Thread Lift, Genève

Say goodbye to your loosening face or body with the thread lift

The application of absorbable tensor threads allows to put back in tension the loosened zones of the face or body and thus to fight against the global loosening.

The results are immediate and will allow the stimulation of natural and deep collagen.


The goal is to achieve a facelift without surgery by re-tensioning slack tissue.


These dermal tensor threads will return facial volumes to their initial positions thanks to deep anchoring points, enabled by a cone system that integrates perfectly with the deep layers of the skin.


The tensor threads, composed of Polylactic Acid, a molecule that has been used for several years in various surgical procedures, will provide skin stimulation and the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Tensor threads can be placed throughout the year.

Course of the session

Location :

Tensor threads are applied to the face, neck, cleavage, and almost all areas of the body (buttocks, arms, etc.).     For facial treatment, CLEAGE doctors can treat:

  • temples;
  • cheekbones;
  • nasolabial fold;
  • jowls;
  • bitterness fold;
  • oval of the face.

At the level of the face and neck, depending on the indication, the CLEAGE doctor will direct you towards absorbable or permanent threads.
For other indications, it is preferable to use resorbable sutures to avoid areas of friction that cause discomfort.

Duration of the procedure :

The treatment lasts between 30 min to 2 hours and will depend on the indication, the treatment area, and the intensity of the loosening.
Absorbable tensor threads are applied in 20 minutes for an application with short sutures to 1 hour for longer sutures aimed at correcting severe loosening.
For permanent threads, it takes 2 to 3 hours.

The technique :

For a perfectly comfortable session, a fine local anesthetic is applied at the point where the tensor threads are inserted.
The tensor threads will then be delicately removed using cannulas at the location planned by the CLEAGE doctor. Once the threads have been placed, the tensioning of these threads will be performed.

When to start

Ideally, the treatment of loosening tissue should begin around the age of 40.

In case of significant loss of volume associated with a global loosening of the face, CLEAGE doctors will recommend hyaluronic acid injections and then consider the installation of resorbable tensor threads to treat the loosening skin.


The results will be immediately observed by the patient.

However, an improvement in the quality of the skin, secondary to the stimulation of the deep layers of the skin, will be observed over the days.

The resorbable sutures used at the CLEAGE center are composed of Polylactic acid, which gives a duration of results of approximately 18 months.

Frequent exposure to the sun, active smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle reduce the results' durability.


Pain :

The session is made perfectly comfortable thanks to the local anesthetic, making the application of absorbable tensor threads painless.

Social eviction :

No social eviction is observed during the installation of resorbable tensor threads.
In the event of a large area of treatment or severe loosening of the face, some bruising may occur and disappear after a few days.

Products used :

The absorbable threads used at the CLEAGE center are the Silhouette Soft threads, the undisputed reference, made of Polylactic acid.

Side effects :

Small bruises and slight swelling may occur with treatment of severe loosening and will disappear spontaneously and gradually after a few days.
Small folds due to the traction exerted by the threads may also appear and will disappear very quickly after a few days.

Contraindications :



Precautions before/after the procedure

Before act : 

  • do not take anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin 48 hours be.


After the procedure

  • avoid all sports activities for 72 hours;
  • no sauna or hammam within 72 hours.

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