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CLEAGE, the center of expertise Cosmeceutical ZO Skin Health

It is quite natural that the CLEAGE center has chosen to make the ZO Skin Health available to its patients.



The objective surpasses the common principle of dermatological treatment in case of problems (spots, acne, dilated pores...). The goal is also to prevent their appearance by restoring perfect skin health.

The principles of skin health are :

  • the restoration of the cutaneous barrier;
  • the stimulation and stabilization of the skin;
  • the elimination of excess sebum and chronic inflammation;
  • the hydration of the skin;
  • the protection of the skin.


Its objectives are obtained thanks to the presence of subtly dosed active ingredients of natural origin, under medical prescription.
The presence of pump vials makes it possible to define for the patient the effective daily dose and thus to be precise and economical in the treatment protocol.

Associated with natural anti-inflammatory molecules, each active ingredient will have a specific cutaneous biological effect.


The association of several active ingredients will then make it possible to correct and respond to a defined dermatological problem.


Not tested on animals, Z.O Skin Health places at the heart of its values absolute respect for animal well-being, dear to the CLEAGE center.


Each care protocol is characterized by 3 phases of treatment to be carried out at home.

  • Getting Skin Ready :
    Adapting to all skin types, from the most fragile to the thickest and most oily, CLEAGE doctors will guide you towards cleansers, exfoliants, and sebum suppressants. They will cleanse the skin allowing the right penetration of active ingredients. Getting Skin Ready is an essential phase in any professional cosmeceutical treatment. The active ingredients only work on healthy and clean skin.


  • Treatment and prevention :
    Carefully chosen by CLEAGE doctors after analysis of your skin, the active ingredients of the range (in the form of cream, lotion, gel, or other ...) will allow the improvement :
  • Pigmentation spots (sun spots, pregnancy mask, acne spots) ;
  • vascular disorders (rosacea);
  • acne disorders (oily skin, inflammatory pimples, dilated pores);
  • superficial sagging (wrinkled skin) thanks to its exclusive anti-aging protocols using the softest and most effective retinol on the market.

A personalized protocol & a customized treatment will be prescribed to you. Because the skin is a living organ that changes over time, your Z.O Skin Health care protocols will evolve with you to help you achieve perfect skin health for life.


  • Protection :
    The protection phase consists of a top-of-the-line sunscreen that protects against all destructive light spectrums, namely UVA, UVB, but also infra-red and high-energy visible light. Fundamental, these protections will avoid any premature aging of the skin.


ZO Skin Health is also recognized for its medium peelings with the 3 Step Peel and the famous deep peeling the Control Depth Blue Peel.

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