Medium superficial peeling, Genève

Medium superficial peeling

Peelings are a dermatological technique of natural skin exfoliation using active ingredients, alone or in combination.

Patients often take peels as a side effect, on the contrary, this is the desired effect! Replacing old, imperfect skin with regenerated, healthy skin.




Eliminate skin imperfections by soft, natural, and progressive desquamation. There are several peeling intensities according to their depth of action in the skin. A distinction is made between superficial and medium peels, which will result in more or less intense controlled peels from 3 days to 10 days.

The purpose of the peeling is to eliminate dermatological problems to make way for a new epidermis, thus allowing the skin to regain a healthy appearance.

The peelings can thus treat :

  • acute inflammatory acne (peeling with salicylic acid or 3 Step Peel by ZO) ;
  • pigmentation disorders (Easy TCA Pain Control or 3 Step Peel by ZO);
  • rejuvenation and anti-aging (3 Step Peel by ZO or Rejuv peel);
  • superficial scars (Easy TCA Pain Control).


Peeling techniques are generally performed from September to May because the intense sun exposure during the summer makes it impossible to perform the peelings.


Superficial peels :
This is a gentle peeling that does not go beyond the epidermis (first layer of skin) and uses fruit acids most of the time.

Nicknamed "lunch peeling", it can be performed between noon and 2 pm thanks to its very low or even non-existent social eviction.

Depending on the active ingredients present (glycolic acid, mandelic acid, kojic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid), the peeling will allow an improvement of:

  • radiance of the skin and spots
  • active acne

The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.

The protocol includes 3-5 peelings at 2-3 week intervals, then 1 maintenance peeling every 3 months depending on your skin condition.


Medium peelings :
The medium peeling goes beyond the epidermis and has a deeper and more intense action on the skin.

The CLEAGE center uses 2 types of medium peelings: with TCA (Easy TCA Pain Control) and vitamin A (3 Step Peel by ZO) that will act on :

  • -Inflammatory acne
  • superficial to deep pigmentation
  • superficial scars

The choice of peeling will be decided with CLEAGE doctors according to your skin condition and your needs.

The duration of the act is 20-30 minutes.


Due to its deeper and more intense action, the protocol includes 2-3 peelings at 1-month intervals. Social eviction is 5 to 7 days for controlled peeling.

For more information on the Control Depth Blue Peel by ZO Skin Health, the CLEAGE center advises you to consult the reference page.

Course of the session

Treatment location :
The entire face is treated during a peeling session.


Duration of the session :

The duration of the session is between 20 to 30 minutes.


The technique :
During the peeling session, the doctor or assistant deposits the active ingredients (in gel or liquid form) on the entire face and leaves them on for several minutes so that they penetrate more or less deeply into the skin according to the indications.

When to start

From the age of 16, we can begin superficial peeling treatments for certain indications (acute acne for example).


The results depend on the depth of action of the peel. From an immediate radiance boost for slight imperfections (superficial peeling) to a more important result for more important dermatological problems (scars, deep pigmentation spots...).


The results of a peel last for several months and will last with daily professional cosmetological ZO Skin Health maintenance.


Peeling superficiels
1 séance : 200 CHF
4 séances : 600 CHF

Peeling Moyen / 3 Step Peel By Zein Obagi
1 séance : 350 CHF


Pain :
Slight tingling is felt during the treatment.
The peeling will be followed by a session of LED light therapy to reduce the redness and tingling sensations.


Social eviction :
From 0 to 3 days approximately for superficial peelings.
5 to 10 days for medium peelings


Accreditation :
The active ingredients are chosen come from the largest aesthetic medicine laboratories recognized worldwide such as ZO Skin Health, Skintech, Mesoesthetic, Dermaceutic.


Side-effects :

  • post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots;
  • tingling ;
  • redness.


Contraindications :

  • rosacea ;
  • allergy to fruit acids;
  • psoriasis, eczema.
Precautions before/after the procedure

Before peeling :

Cosmetological preparation of the skin before peeling is systematically performed regardless of the peeling in order not to "shock" unprepared skin and not to expose it to side effects (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots).

Also, well-prepared skin will give better results.

Cosmetological preparation is the use of the solution, gel, cream including several active ingredients according to the technique of Pr Zein Obagi and his concept of  "Getting Skin Ready".

A normalization of skin parameters (hydration, sebum rate, epidermal renewal...) will make peeling treatments safer and more effective.


After peeling :

Moisturizing and soothing treatments may be prescribed by the esthetic physician depending on the intensity and depth of action of the peeling.

A cosmetic treatment should also be performed between peelings to prolong the skin's stimulation.

Sun protection is mandatory up to two weeks after the peeling to reduce the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (post-peel spots).


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