Micronutrition, Genève

Place micro-nutrition at the center of your health care strategy

Micro-nutrition is an approach based on the study of the needs of each individual in terms of micro-nutrients, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, through a balanced diet and/or an individualized supplement.
This discipline is based on the principle that without micro-nutrients we cannot be in perfect physical or psychological health.

The personalized intake of micronutrients will correct your body's deficiencies and balance its functions.
CLEAGE doctors place micro-nutrition at the center of their strategy for a global management of your health.



Micro-nutrition aims to prevent or treat certain symptoms through a precise analysis of your diet and lifestyle.
CLEAGE doctors will propose a micro-nutritional treatment plan tailored to your needs for a perfect state of well-being.


There are two main families of nutrients

  • Macro-nutrients composed of :
    • proteins ;
    • lipids (fats) ;
    • carbohydrates (sugars).
  • The micro-nutrients include :
    • vitamins ;
    • essential fatty acids (omegas 3 and 6 in particular);
    • minerals,
    • antioxidants (coenzymes Q10, alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol...);
    • trace elements (zinc, selenium...).


The modification of the food behaviors and the complementary contribution in micro-nutrients will rebalance the functioning of your organism and will correct certain troublesome symptoms in order to relieve you.

Course of the session

A first consultation with the CLEAGE doctors will determine your eating habits but will also analyze in a global approach your lifestyle, your sleep, your digestion, your psychological state.

This personalized diagnosis will allow us to determine the deficiencies as well as the oxidative stress present. The CLEAGE doctors will then propose a treatment plan tailored to your functioning and will advise you on the good habits to adopt.

Biological tests will be prescribed and performed at the end of the consultation in order to obtain a precise blood analysis of the different micro-nutrients.

A second consultation will allow us to take note of the results of the blood test and to prescribe the treatments adapted to each person with dietary advice to optimize the state of good health.

When to start

Diet is the basis of our health, we must pay attention to what we eat and this from birth. A micro-nutritional treatment can be indicated from the youngest age depending on the problems encountered. Throughout life, a healthy and varied diet is the key to living well and later to aging well.


The fields of application of micro-nutrition are vast.
Several areas can be addressed to improve your daily life:

  • digestive function disorders assimilation of food, comfort during digestive transit, allergies, food intolerances, intestinal permeability, gastro-esophageal reflux ;
  • health nutrition: how to adapt one's diet for daily well-being and long-term health;
  • sports nutrition: optimizing sports performance, training tolerance, recovery to avoid injuries;
  • prevention of overweight: accompanying the treatment of obesity and its cardiometabolic complications;
  • prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome;
  • smoking cessation;
  • sleep disorders: insomnia, early awakening, non-restorative sleep
  • mood disorders;
  • the fight against aging and degenerative diseases.

In reality, everyone is concerned by this approach to nutrition if we want to live our lives to the fullest.


Side effects:

The side effects are exceptional.

The most common are benign such as bloating during probiotic treatments or temporary constipation.


The only possible contraindication is an allergy to one of the components of the micro-nutrient.

  • Consultation : 150 CHF

  • Micronutritional and deep anti-aging blood test : from 200 CHF

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