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Find radiant skin with the SPECTRA XT laser

LUTRONIC's SPECTRA XT pigment laser has become an essential reference for the CLEAGE center.

A true concentrate of the latest technologies helps to get rid of all the stubborn spots on your face or body. Pigmentary disorders of various kinds (solar lentigos, senile lentigos, melasma...) can be treated with the greatest effectiveness to recover a radiant complexion.



Thanks to its speed, high power, and 4 wavelengths, the SPECTRA laser can treat all types of spots and all skin types, even the most fragile (Asian skin, black skin ...).
The Hollywood Peel mode will allow a soft rejuvenation without any follow-up for an instant burst of radiance and an immediate shine regained.


Globally recognized, it is also used in the treatment of melasma to reduce the presence of hormone-sensitive pigmentation spots as well as the production of new spots over time.


The heat during laser sessions will also lead to the healing of resistant post-acne red spots (also called post-inflammatory erythema). Treatments using a carbonaceous lotion on your face will also reduce acute acne flare-ups (inflammatory red pimples).


Finally, it ensures the "detattooing" of all colors with absolute safety.


The SPECTRA XT laser treatment can be performed from September to June (all year round depending on your sun exposure).

Course of the session

Location :
SPECTRA XT laser treatments can be located on the face or body as desired.


Duration of the session :
The duration of the session and the number of treatments will depend on the depth of the spots, their extent, their specificities (hormone-dependent or not), and the skin type.
Regardless of the indication for treatment, all SPECTRA XT laser sessions are performed without anesthesia.


Only tattoo removal will require local anesthesia by applying an anesthetic cream 1 hour before the session for perfect comfort.

When to start

SPECTRA laser treatment can be started at the end of puberty for an immediate boost or treatment of specific pigmentary disorders.



Hollywood Peel
For immediate radiance and flawless glow (natural shine), the Hollywood Laser Peel method is the reference treatment. Totally painless and without a sequel, it is the ultimate treatment for radiant skin before an event.

The Hollywood Peel treatment will take place in two steps:

  •  Collagen dermal stimulation phase:
    A black carbonaceous lotion will be applied to your face after getting your skin clean. The lotion will then penetrate the different layers of the skin, as well as the sebaceous glands (producing the sebum or oil on your face). Thanks to this carbonaceous lotion, the first laser treatment will gently heat your skin to produce stimulation and contraction of the collagen fibers, resulting in an immediate tensing effect and tightening of the pores. Several passes (about 10 min) will be performed with the laser.


  • Laser Peel Phase:
    The second phase consists of emitting a shorter laser beam that will make the fine carbonaceous particles in the lotion explode. Having penetrated the skin, the Laser Peel will cause exfoliation of the superficial skin layers composed of dead skin, spots, and impurities.
    It will destroy part of the sebaceous glands to reduce sebum production, this is why it is particularly interesting in acute inflammatory acne.

Thus, you will obtain immediate results to know:

  • a unified and radiant skin tone;
  • a tightening of the pores;
  • reduction of fine wrinkles;
  • a smoother skin;
  • improved skin tone and firmness;
  • reduced acne breakouts.


The treatment of melasma won't give any results in any immediate follow-up. Several sessions will be necessary to reduce the hormone-sensitive spots associated with this benign dermatological disease.


In the case of superficial spots, an accentuation of the stain will appear after the laser session, gradually decreasing to disappear after a few days.
In the case of deep and well-defined sunspots (lentigos), a fine and superficial crust will appear, disappearing after 4 days and leaving spotless skin.


The SPECTRA laser tattoo removal will reduce the size of the pigments and will progressively erase your tattoo, after the formation of a superficial crust for several days.

  • Hollywood Peel 1 séance : 450CHF
  • Hollywood Peel 4 séances : 1600 CHF
  • Taches pigmentaires : à partir de 200 CHF
  • Cicatrices acnéiques rouges : 300 CHF
  • Melasma : 350 CHF
  • Détatouage : 150 CHF

Pain :
SPECTRA laser sessions will not cause any pain. Only the tattoo removal sessions will require local anesthesia by applying a lidocaine cream an hour before the session.


Social eviction :
The after-effects will be very soft and will depend on the treatment indications.


LUTRONIC's SPECTRA laser has the American FDA approval for absolute safety (like all the laser devices of the CLEAGE center).
The indications are :

  • pigmentary lesions ;
  • Melasma ;
  • acne scars;
  • tattoo removal;
  • non-ablative resurfacing.


Contraindications :

  • recent tanning ;
  • photosensitizing treatment (antibiotic, isotretinoin, immunosuppressant...);
  • use of cream based on Retinol or Retinoic acid;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
Precautions before/after the procedure

A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50 is essential after the SPECTRA laser session on treated areas, avoiding the production of new pigmentation spots. The Hollywood Peel technique will not require any application of SPF.

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