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Plexr : the reference plasma excision technique

The Plasma or Plexr technique involves the removal of a minute amount of skin in precise locations allowing for the overall retraction of the tissue.

It is particularly used in the treatment of drooping upper eyelids without recourse to surgery, called medical blepharoplasty.



The addition of precise heat to a limited area of skin leads to its retraction and thus a new skin tension. The technique of Plasma exeresis (also called Plexr) brings all the necessary safety during a treatment of drooping upper eyelid without having to resort to a surgical intervention.

This is called medical blepharoplasty. Plasma can also be used in the treatment of xanthelasma, pigment spots or in the removal of warts or molluscum.

Course of the session

Localization :

The plasma technique can be used on the entire body surface but is most often performed on the face.


Duration :

The duration of the session is 10 to 30 min depending on the intensity of the slackening treated in case of drooping upper eyelids or treatment of warts or molluscums.


The technique :

After local anesthesia by application of cream and local disinfection, the doctor will perform the Plasma treatment on the indicated area.


The results will appear after healing of the area approximately 7 to 10 days later.
One to two Plasma sessions will be recommended by the doctor depending on the intensity of the sagging of the upper eyelid. The results last on average one to one and a half years.


However, only one session is necessary in case of warts or molluscums.


Pain: No pain is felt during the procedure, after local anesthesia by applying cream 45 minutes before the treatment.


Contraindications :

  • Current immunosuppressive treatment
  • Application of cream using vitamin A derivatives (Retinol, Retinoic acid...)
  • Photosensitizing treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
Precautions before/after the procedure

Before the procedure:

Come completely free of make-up before the session


After the procedure :

No sun exposure for 6 weeks Sun protection for 2 months after treatment (SPF 50)

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