Treat your skin and hair with LED therapy

LED therapy, also known as skin photobiomodulation, is a technique for skin stimulation by emitting cold light.
It will soothe the skin after the intervention (post-lasers, post-peeling ...), reduces the consequences of aging, and improve cell activity (acute acne, hair loss ...).

Photo biomodulation is an amazing treatment for several indications, without social eviction or pain. It can be performed alone or in combination with other treatments. A 100% natural technique, your cells do the work and run at full speed to improve certain conditions and sublimate your skin quality.


The cold light emitted by the LED (Light Emitting Diode) will be absorbed by the different skin cells (especially fibroblasts) which will increase their biological activity. This will increase the natural cellular production of collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid, and elastin to improve healing (acne, surgery, burns), the fight against aging (characterized by a progressive decrease in these fibers), and follicular stimulation (hair growth).
Thanks to its various radiations, it will reduce local inflammatory phenomena (redness, pain, swelling) present in certain pathologies (acute acne, rosacea) but also after some interventions (post-lasers, post-peeling).

The main indications are:

  • prevention and fight against skin aging (rejuvenation).
  • treatment of acute inflammatory acne.
  • prevention of melasma.
  • treatment of baldness.
  • treatment of scars or stretch marks.
  • treatment of redness (erythrose, rosacea, post-laser, or post-peeling redness).

Photo biomodulation treatments can be carried out throughout the year, summer and winter.

Course of the session

Treatment location:
The treatment is usually performed on the face but can be localized on any area of the body (scalp for the treatment of baldness, body for the improvement of post-surgery scarring or stretch marks).


Duration of the session:
The duration of the session is between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the area treated.


When to start

LED treatments can be performed from adolescence (in the case of acne) without any age limit, regardless of skin color and type.


A panel composed of medical LEDs with different wavelengths will be placed 20cm away from the treated area.

  • Red light will increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers as well as decrease inflammatory phenomena (fight against skin aging). It will also allow the deep penetration of active ingredients in case of mesotherapy of the scalp.
  • Blue light will inhibit the proliferation of Proponium-type bacteria found in acute acne in particular.
  • Yellow light will reduce edema and inflammatory phenomena. It will also help to improve local blood flow (treatment of baldness to stimulate capillary regrowth);
  • Greenlight will reduce superficial pigmentary sunspots for a sublimated complexion (rejuvenation).


It is a moment of pure relaxation. A very pleasant warmth is felt by the patient during the session.


Gradually, the skin regains its radiance, redness, and acne diminish, skin tone is improved. In case of hair loss, we can observe a hair regrowth. A minimum number of sessions is required to obtain an improvement of the skin between 6 to 10 sessions according to the indications.

  • 1 session : 50 CHF
  • 10 sessions : 450 CHF


No pain is felt by the patient at the time or after the session.
No local anesthesia is required, the LED therapy treatment is completely painless.


Social Eviction:
No social eviction is observed, a slightly pinkish complexion is observed after the session for 20 min.


The CLEAGE center has chosen LUTRONIC's HEALITE medical LED, which has been recognized for several years for its performance and safety. A few scientific articles have been published including the use of this LED in treatment protocols and positioning the LUTRONIC LED as reference.


Side effects:


Local treatments or photosensitizing drugs are the only contraindications to the use of SLE therapy.


Precautions before/after the procedure

Check with CLEAGE doctors about the non-photosensitivity of certain treatments.
An absence of sun exposure is recommended 1 week before and after the session. 


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