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Give a second life to your skin with the Laser®.

Lutronic's Lase® is the latest generation sub-ablative fractional laser that can be used to treat several dermatological problems on all skin types at the same time.


A true technological gem, it provides fast and spectacular results. It leads to a harmonious and natural smoothing of the skin called "Baby Glow".



Its objective is to train the formation of microscopic channels up to about 1.5 mm deep under the skin by means of a gentle vaporization technique.

These microchannels will treat several dermatological problems and will rapidly improve the quality of the skin:

  • Tightening of the pores ;
  • smoothing of the skin "Baby Glow" effect;
  • treatment of superficial pigmentation spots (sun spots, post inflammatory acne spots, freckles);
  • melasma ;
  • superficial acne scars (often coupled with Genius radiofrequency);
  • rejuvenation and anti-aging;
  • resurfacing.

Depending on the power selected during the treatment, mild indications such as a simple glow to more severe indications such as sun damaged skin (also called helioderma) can be treated with the Lase® Laser.

Course of the session

Location of the treatment:
Classically, the Lase® treatment is performed on the entire face. There are body indications to also treat stretch marks, surgical scars, or pigment disorders.


Duration of the session :
The duration of the treatment is approximately 20 to 30 minutes depending on the chosen indication.


The technique:
Under local anesthesia with a lidocaine-based cream, the Lase® treatment is completely painless. For mild indications, the treatment can even be performed without local anesthesia

When to start

The Lase® treatment. Can be started early, from the age of 16 to treat certain indications (acne sequelae), with no adult age limit.


A rough complexion persists for approximately 1 week (time needed for the melanin pigments to diminish) to give way to radiant skin, an even complexion, and tightened pores.


A ZO Skin Health exfoliating scrub is recommended one week after the laser treatment to facilitate this.


Between 2 to 5 sessions, with 2 to 3 weeks intervals, will be advised by CLEAGE doctors according to your needs and the chosen indication.


The results persist for several months and will last thanks to daily cosmetic maintenance with the active ingredients of ZO Skin Health.


  • Babyglow (Session + Serum) : 450 + 100 CHF
  • 1 Fractional Rejuvenation session : 600 CHF
  • 4 sessions Fractional rejuvenation : 2 000 CHF
  • Cleavage : 600 CHF
  • Hands : 600 CHF

Pain :
No pain is felt after local anesthesia with lidocaine cream.


Social eviction :
From 24 to 48 hours depending on the chosen treatment power, a slight post-treatment redness will appear and will be perfectly make-up.


Recognized as one of the best-fractionated lasers in the world, Lase® is one of the safest and most effective treatments in medical laser skin rejuvenation.


Side effects :
Transient redness and very slight (almost imperceptible) swelling may appear for 24 to 48 hours.


Contraindications :

  • Essential oils (to be stopped 3 weeks before);
  • photosensitizing treatment (isotretinoin, doxycycline...);
  • allergy to Lidocaine.
Precautions before/after the procedure

Before act :

  • To come completely cleansed and without application of cosmetic products;
  • No sun exposure 15 days before the treatment;
  • application of a daily sun protection SPF 30 15 days before the session.


After act :

  • Soothing cream for 1 week to reduce the normal sensation of dehydration of the skin;
  • perform an exfoliating scrub 7 days all over the face after treatment with Lase® ;
  • No sun exposure for 15 days after the session;
  • application of a sunscreen SPF 30 for 15 days.
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