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Attenuate wrinkles, scars, and stubborn spots with the CO2 Laser

The fractional INTERMEDIC CO2 ablative laser is the resurfacing laser by excellence.

Combining unequaled treatment power, benchmark scanner technology, and short healing times allows a wide variety of treatments such as the attenuation of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, or the treatment of stubborn spots.



By creating multiple deep wells in the skin, the CO2 laser will remodel your skin through deep skin stimulation.
The phenomenal contribution of energy by the INTERMEDIC CO2 laser will allow a controlled renewal of your skin. New collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin fibers will be produced.

The indications for treatment are:

  • the attenuation of deep wrinkles;
  • resurfacing;
  • improvement of scars;
  • treatment of stretch marks;
  • the treatment of pigmentation spots.
  • Medical blepharoplasty (treatment of drooping upper eyelids)

The INTERMEDIC CO2 laser will also allow medical blepharoplasty to raise the upper eyelid and naturally eliminate skin excess.Thanks to its specific gynecological handle, it will allow the treatment of the genital sphere by improving the problems of vaginal dryness or trophic.

An association with the Control Depth Blue Peel by ZO deep peel can be carried out according to your skin indication.

Course of the session

Location :

The CO2 laser can be used by CLEAGE doctors on the face (treatment of sagging skin, scars, deep and rebellious pigmentary spots...) but also on the body (stretch marks, scars...).

Duration :
The duration of the session will depend on the indication but also on the treatment surface considered.


The technique :
Local anesthesia by cream or fine injection will allow a total absence of pain during the operation.
The CLEAGE doctor will choose the power and the mode of action according to the indication of treatment.
An acute inflammatory reaction (redness, swelling) is observed immediately and will disappear after several days.

When to start

CO2 laser sessions will be performed from the age of 20, after the end of puberty.


The results will appear after 1 month (necessary time for the skin to regenerate itself but will continue improving several months after)

  • Rejuvination : from 700 CHF
  • Resurfacing : from 1 200 CHF
  • Acne scarring : from 600 CHF
  • Surgical scarring : from 600 CHF
  • Stretch marks : from 700 CHF
  • Medical blepharoplasty : from 700 CHF
  • Xanthelasma : from 500 CHF

Pain :
No pain is felt during the treatment. Local anesthesia is performed in the minutes preceding the treatment.


Side effects :

  • Redness;
  • swelling (edema);
  • crusts;
  • burns.


  • skin fragility;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • photosensitizing treatment;
  • high phototype (IV, V, VI, to be seen during the consultation with CLEAGE doctors).
Precautions before/after the procedure


  • coming in and remove make-up
  • Allow a few days for post-laser CO2 healing.



  • follow the healing protocol given by the CLEAGE doctors.


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