Eyebrow grafting, Genève

Densify your look with eyebrow grafting

The eyebrow grafting is indicated to any person wishing to re-densify eyebrows loss over time.


It can be coupled with derma pigmentation techniques for a perfect drawing.



At the CLEAGE center, the eyebrow transplant is carried out using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, the reference method for a tailor-made, scar-free result.


As in the FUE hair or beard graft, the objective is to remove hair from the Hippocratic crown (back part of the skull). Each one has a large reservoir of grafts that can be removed without being noticed. The vast majority of the hair removed will grow back after removal. The hair collected this way have a very long lifespan, preventing them to fall out after implantation.

There are fewer grafts taken than in a hair or beard transplant and therefore it requires less time.

Course of the session

The eyebrow grafting operation is completely painless under local anesthesia. The patient goes home on the day of the operation.


The eyebrow grafting begins with a one-by-one removal of the grafts. An analysis of each extracted hair is carried out to ensure that it is viable. Implantation of the grafts is then carried out after deciding with the CLEAGE doctor on the desired shape. This will depend on the richness of the extraction area and the shape of your face for a natural result.


The drawing of the eyebrows can then be completed by derma pigmentation for perfect contouring of the eyebrows. However, since the implanted grafts work like hair, it will be necessary to cut the eyebrows every two to three weeks.


The CLEAGE center advises you to consult the page explaining precisely the procedure of the FUE grafting technique.

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