Beard grafting, Genève

Reveal your virility with beard grafting

A sign of virility and a real asset of seduction for some men, the beard is now becoming a fashion asset. The presence of an irregular beard with holes can cause aesthetic discomfort for patients.


Beard grafting is the solution for a personalized result adapted to your face.



The CLEAGE center's technique of choice is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) corresponding to the removal and implantation of one hair after another for a tailor-made result.
It has the advantage of causing no scarring unlike the FUT technique (also called surgical strip).


As with hair transplantation, the extraction is carried out in the posterior area of the skull, also known as the Hippocratic crown (upper part of the nape of the neck).
This hair has a longer lifespan than the hair on the top of the skull. Once reimplanted in the beard area, this hair will not fall out and will regain density over the months.


The quality of the implanted hair will become thicker and thicker to blend in perfectly with the beard hairs as it is shaved.The implanted beard will grow back after 4 months to give a definitive result after a year.


Course of the session

The operation, perfectly comfortable, takes place under local anesthesia allowing the patient to return home the same day.
The beard transplant lasts several hours as it requires meticulous work, with the graft after graft method that doesn't leave any scars.


To proceed to the hair removal, the patient has to shave some of the hair in the extraction zone. The vast majority of the hair harvested will grow back in the following months without aesthetic damage to the patient. Everyone has a stock of hair that can be harvested from the Hippocratic crown without it being noticed.


The extraction is carried out using a motorized hair by hair FUE technique.
An analysis of the grafts removed is carried out several times to ensure their good viability.


The desired result will depend on the density of the existing beard, the richness of the extraction area, and the desired shape.

The design of the beard will be chosen in consultation with the CLEAGE doctor, who will advise you on the best shape for a natural look.

The manual implantation of the grafts will respect the direction of the hairs and the density for a homogeneous beard.


Once the density has been obtained, the patient will be able to shave and trim. The beard will also gain in density and texture as the trimming progresses.

CLEAGE doctors will advise you on the best trimmers for personalized care of your beard.


The CLEAGE center advises you to browse the page corresponding to the FUE transplant for more information on the FUE technique.

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