Electric hair removal, also called electrolysis, is a permanent hair removal method. It is particularly well suited to facial hair removal because it allows for the removal of all types of hair on all types of skin, without the risk of paradoxical regrowth.

The CLEAGE center uses the Silhouette-Tone device, a world-renowned Swiss brand in the world of electric hair removal.


Permanent electric hair removal is recommended during the winter season to avoid excessive exposure to the sun.


Get rid of facial hair!
Permanent electric hair removal or electrolysis is a real solution for any excess facial hair that becomes a complex.

This technique can be used regardless of the type of hair and skin type, in complete safety.
Electric hair removal also has the advantage of not causing any risk of paradoxical regrowth (regrowth in neighboring areas not supplied with hair) unlike all medical hair removal lasers on the face.
The long-term definitive result is a real solution for saving time in daily life and regaining self-confidence.

Course of the session

Duration of the procedure :
The duration of the procedure varies according to the desired area and the amount of hair to be treated. Generally, it takes between 15 to 45 minutes of practice.


Technique :
Permanent electric hair removal is a meticulous procedure aimed at destroying the hair bulb.
The procedure consists of introducing a sterile micro-filament into the hair follicle in order to send a light electrical impulse intended to destroy the bulb responsible for hair growth.
Permanent electric hair removal is a technique that has the advantage of working on all skin types, areas and phototypes.
This treatment is a solution for hair of all sizes and thicknesses.
Electrolysis also treats white, blond or red hair as well as areas with low hair density.

When to start

Permanent hair removal can be started from the age of 18-20, at the end of puberty.


Once the bulb is treated, the hair is removed and the patient leaves without hair. As simple as that.
Permanent electric hair removal requires several sessions, generally 4 to 5 sessions or more, spaced two to three weeks apart, depending on the type of hair, the amount of hair and the physiology of each individual.




Pain :
Electrolysis is made perfectly comfortable by applying a local anesthetic cream to the treatment area beforehand.

Social eviction :
Slight redness and/or swelling may appear after the session. These will disappear in the following hours. Fine crusting is still possible for some but rare. They will disappear two days after the session.

Side effects:
Electric hair removal has no side effects.

Electric hair removal is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • ongoing skin infection (herpes, eczema, etc.);
  • Pacemaker or metallic implant.


Precautions before/after the procedure

Before :

  • a light exfoliation of the area to be treated is recommended before the procedure;
  • the hair must be visible and long enough to be removed with tweezers.


  • a moisturizing cream and a high level of sun protection should be applied after each session for two to three weeks;
  • sun exposure is forbidden until complete healing to avoid the risk of superficial pigmentation.
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