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Increasingly concerned about their esthetics, men often resort to laser hair removal to achieve hairless skin and avoid waxing or a close shave.

When we talk about male hair removal, we notice that there is a great difference in needs between men.

For some, hair is synonymous with virility and beauty, as long as it's not too much. Conversely, some men consider hair to be useless and unhygienic.

The Cleage center has chosen Lutronic's latest-generation laser, the Clarity II, which pushes the limits of laser hair removal even further, with the most powerful and effective treatment on the market, fast action and real comfort for the patient during the session.



The benefits of laser hair removal for men :

  • Aesthetics

The codes of male beauty are the absence of hair and a clean skin. Their presence in excess gives a rough and neglected aspect to the body. The most commonly treated areas for male hair removal are the torso, shoulders, back, and the stomach and buttocks.


  • Medical reasons

Hair growth in the wrong direction leads to local superinfection at the point of hair exit and the appearance of ingrown hairs. Folliculitis or pili incarnati is a frequent condition, especially for darker skin on the beard or frequent shaving/waxing.


  • Practical reasons

Athletes often resort to laser hair removal to improve the healing process during an injury and to prevent infections, but also to increase their performance by improving their aerodynamics. Laser hair removal is often performed on dancers who require perfectly clean, hair-free skin.


  • Hygiene

Hair can trap bacteria and impurities that can cause unpleasant odors for the patient and the environment, especially when it concerns the armpits and pubic area. Laser hair removal can reduce this problem. It is frequently associated with excessive underarm sweating, which can be treated with botulinum toxin injections or Genius radiofrequency sessions, allowing a clear reduction in odors.




Hair removal for men can involve the entire body and face. However, it should be noted that certain areas are treated much more often than others.


  • Laser beard hair removal

The need for a perfectly shaped beard is made possible by laser hair removal, which delimits its upper part with an upper line (without hair on the cheekbones in particular), and a totally clean lower limit. Beard density is reduced in 1 to 3 laser hair removal sessions.


  • Male back and shoulder hair removal

The back, which is very full of hair, can be a source of real complexes for  men. Laser hair removal is the ultimate solution to solve this problem once and for all.


  • Torso hair removal for men

The torso, very often requested by athletes, responds very well to laser hair removal thanks to its thick, highly pigmented melanin hair.

Part of the nipple will be contoured by the laser because it is generally very pigmented at the skin level and creates a risk of depigmentation.


  • Male belly hair removal

2Talated over the entire abdomen or concentrated at the umbilical line, belly hair removal is a very good indication for laser hair removal.


  • Hair removal from the buttocks in men

Requests for buttock hair removal are often motivated by the presence of hairs that regularly become infected due to excessive sweating in this area and the presence of friction with clothing, irritating the skin and creating unsightly recurring infections.



Price list according to the treated surface.

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