Hair removal black or matte skin, Genève

Hair removal from black or matte skin has been made very difficult for many years due to the risk it entailed.


For almost 15 years, new laser technologies have made it possible to treat the hair of darker skin without any risk of burns or scars.


The CLEAGE center owns the Clarity II laser from Lutronic, the latest generation and reference in laser hair removal for dark or black skins.




The presence of two wavelengths Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd Yag (1064nm) of the CLARITY II laser allows for the largest treatment amplitude.

The alexandrite laser will treat phototypes 1 to 3 (white to slightly matte skin) and the Nd Yag laser will treat phototypes 4 to 6 (matte to black skin).


All skin types can thus be treated at the CLEAGE center.


Its skin cooling technology will make the session perfectly comfortable and will protect the skin throughout the treatment.


The number of laser hair removal sessions on dark and black skins is greater.

Hair removal lasers fix and act on the melanin contained in the hair. The treatment will be done with specific settings, using the Nd Yag wavelength, which will allow the destruction of the hair root as well as the vessel that nourishes the hair in question. It will destroy the hair root contained in the deep cutaneous layers, without burning the surrounding tissue. A number of sessions between 8 to 12 is generally the case, depending on the areas for laser hair removal for darker skin. Sessions are spaced 6 weeks apart.


The other treatment modalities, precautions before and after the session and contraindications are identical to those for laser hair removal for fair skin.


The CLEAGE center advises you to go to the Body Hair Removal page to find out how the laser hair removal session works.


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