Facial hair removal, Genève

Permanently remove hair from your face

The face is often an area of hairiness that can be disturbing for women. From the simple light and fine hair to thicker and pigmented hair, hair can take on different forms.

It can affect all areas of the face, especially the upper lip, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, or even the jaw and neck.


From September to June (laser or electric hair removal possible in summer depending on your sun exposure).

Treatment with the Clarity II laser technique will remove black or dark brown hair in the same manner as body hair removal.
The average number of sessions is approximately 8 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart and will depend on the intensity of the hair growth.
The treatment modalities are summarized in the page corresponding to laser body hair removal.

Lighter and thinner hair cannot be eliminated by the CLARITY II laser due to the absence of melanin. They can be permanently removed by electrolysis or electric hair removal with the world reference Swiss platform Silhouette Tone.

This well-known technology for facial hair removal will transmit heat by means of a fine electric current that will burn the root of the hair in a completely painless manner. A hair-to-hair treatment by sliding a fine needle with a foam edge into the hair outlet is performed to obtain a customized result.

A slight redness and fine swelling of the treated area is present for a few hours and disappears spontaneously.
Before the session, the hairs will not be shaved to visualize the exit holes.
8 sessions spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart are necessary and will depend on the intensity of the facial hair.


In the vast majority of cases, frequent shaving or hair removal cause the hair to turn into thicker, darker terminal hair. Permanent hair removal can be considered.

Facial hair removal is also often necessary for men in cases of facial hairs that are recurrently infected. This is called beard folliculitis. The laser beam will allow a clear reduction in infections of the beard hair and will solve this problem which can be synonymous with a real ordeal for some men.


However, hair growth can be influenced and favored by hormonal disorders (especially in cases of polycystic ovary syndrome in women or hirsutism). A hormone test will be prescribed, and doctors will refer you to endocrinology specialists to manage this hormonal disorder.


Price list according to the treated surface.

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