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For irresistible lips

To correct your lip contour, bring back to life the natural shade of your lips or give a slight increase in volume, permanent lip make-up is the ideal solution to subtly sublimate your lips.

Very natural and water-resistant, permanent lip make-up also saves you time in front of your mirror every morning. The CLEAGE center offers "new generation" permanent make-up using high quality medical pigments to obtain a perfect and natural result. This innovative technique allows the illusion of a well-defined, colorful and pulpy mouth.

Perfectly complementary to hyaluronic acid injections, permanent make-up is applied immediately when there is sufficient volume and well-defined contours, or secondarily after hyaluronic acid injections to further sublimate your result.

Dermopigmentation, or permanent make-up, a technique that uses top-of-the-range medical pigments of natural organic origin, non-mineralized and non-allergenic, into the skin to redraw certain areas of your face.
Our high quality medical pigments, guarantee a stabilization of the shade over time, without any color variations.

At the CLEAGE center, the natural feel and symmetry of your face are our priorities. Dermopigmentation allows you to regain the perfect harmony and symmetry of your face.



Dermopigmentation can be carried out all year round.


The mouth represents a key aesthetic area. Your lips change with age and impact the overall look of your face. Over time, the corners of the mouth loosen, the contours fade and the mouth becomes plumped up, giving a refined or even severe appearance.

Dermopigmentation of the lips is ideal for an harmonious redesigning of your mouth.
This technique is also indicated to compensate for possible scars.


Course of the session

Treatment location :
For an ideally designed mouth, three essential points are to be considered:

  • the corners of the mouth;
  • the roundness of the lips;
  • the central area of the lips, also known as "cupid's arch".

These points will be respected during the dermopigmentation session by adapting to your morphology. Thus, permanent make-up will allow you to perfectly redesign your mouth but also to fill in the lack of natural pigmentation or to correct a fine asymmetry.


Duration of the act:

The duration of the session is approximately 1h30, divided into 30 minutes of customized drawing and 1 hour of practice.


The technique:

First of all, we will choose together the shape, the color and the technique adapted to your morphology ad desire. A first line will be drawn using a pencil in order to confirm together the desired result. Once we agree on the shape, we will proceed to the practice. Our high quality medical pigments will be used on the skin very superficially using a disposable sterile needle. It is important to note that the shade will then blend naturally with the initial lip color and will therefore offer a unique and very natural result.


Blush Lips:

To illuminate your face, nothing beats beautiful, well-defined and full lips.

If your lips are too thin, pale or asymmetrical, permanent makeup is the solution.

Blush Lips allows you to precisely redefine the hem of the mouth, which often fades over time, leaving more or less symmetrical and rather thinner lips.

This innovative technique provides a translucent coloring effect. The aim is to slightly increase the volume of the lips, define their contour, make them more luminous but also to enhance the color with subtlety, to achieve a plumped and naturally colored lips.


Glam Lips:

The Glam Lips technique is a 3D gradient filling that will highlight your cupid's bow and bring the shine your lips deserve.

The color will be progressively degraded towards the inside, the lip contour will be well defined to restore precision and correct any asymmetries or lack of volume.

This technique is recommended for those who want a lipstick effect, for thin lips that you want to plump up or for lips that have asymmetries that require major corrections.

Result: A pulpy, luminous and ultra-glamorous mouth.



The results are immediately noticed by the patient.
Possible redness and slight swelling may be present for 24 to 48 hours and disappear spontaneously.

A touch-up session is offered to you 3 weeks after your first session in order to guarantee an optimal result.
At first, the shade may appear darker. A progressive and expected lightening of 40% of its intensity will occur within a week.
The final result will be observed 3 weeks after your touch-up session.

Your permanent make-up will last several years (3 to 4 years or more) and will depend on your skin type.
The pattern will fade over time without completely disappearing.
An annual maintenance is recommended in order to keep the optimal result.


The permanent make-up session is perfectly comfortable under local anesthetic cream, applied before the session.

Social eviction:
No social eviction is required. A slight redness and a temporary swelling will be present for 24 to 48 hours.

The products used

High quality medical pigments, of natural organic origin, non-mineralized and non-allergenic.
Our high quality medical pigments guarantee a stabilization of the shade over time and no color variation. All the pigments used at CLEAGE have an absolute quality that meets the highest safety requirements.

Precautions before/after the procedure

Precautions before/after the procedure:

  • No exposure to the sun for 2 weeks and the application of a sunscreen are recommended after a permanent make-up session on the treated area;
  • Do not consume alcohol during the 24 hours before the treatment;
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun the week before the treatment;
  • Not having received hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections in the 15 days prior to the treatment;
  • Absence of anti-inflammatory medication 24 hours before the session (ibuprofen, voltarene, aspirin...);
  • An anti-herpetic prevention may be prescribed in case of frequent recurrence of herpes outbreaks.



A medical opinion is required:

  • diabetic person ;
  • person suffering from haemophilia;
  • allergic person (antecedent angioedema);
  • progressive or active dermatological disease (psoriasis, eczema);
  • Epilepsy;
  • glaucoma ;
  • immune deficiency (leukaemia, HIV, corticosteroid therapy, transplant);
  •  implants ;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • hepatic insufficiency, renal insufficiency, chronic respiratory insufficiency.



  • pregnant or breastfeeding women;
  • Roacutane treatment (severe acne);
  • Vitamin A acid treatment (fruit acid);
  • recent injection of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin (15 days before and 15 days after);
  • conjunctivitis;
  • anticoagulant treatment;
  • aspirin treatment (5 days before);
  • antihypertensive treatment;
  • person undergoing chemotherapy;
  • optical laser surgery (1 month) ;
  • alcohol (24 hours before).
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