Cervical-facial lift, Genève

Rejuvenate 10 years with the cervicofacial lift

Local or General
2 to 3 hours
2 weeks

Moderate to severe sagging of the lower face can be treated with surgical facelift. The principle is to tension the deep layers of the skin (the SMAS or superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) to treat the overall sagging of the face.

Thanks to surgeons recognized in the practice of surgical facelifts, the CLEAGE center benefits from practitioners performing surgical facelifts under local anesthesia with sedation (patient conscious but slightly asleep for better comfort) in order to avoid the disadvantages of general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is possible for patients who wish it and will be decided with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Surgical techniques of professional excellence will allow to obtain a natural and harmonious result, without scars. You will observe an overall 10-year rejuvenation of your aesthetic appearance.



More or less intense, several mechanisms are responsible for facial aesthetic aging.

The causes of facial aging are:

  • a decrease in volume and a change in the location of the fat compartments of the face;
  • a decrease in the thickness of the bone structure of the face;
  • a loss of skin tone and elasticity.


The result is the appearance of wrinkled skin, slackened fatty areas (jowls, double chin...), and a less defined oval.

The sagging treatment will be carried out by re-tensioning the deep tissues of the face, especially the SMAS, the deep fibrous and muscular facial layer that is relaxed in the case of facial aging.

The superficial skin is in no way stretched, thus avoiding giving that unsightly waxy, fixed appearance.
The jowls, deep wrinkles, and creases fade but do not fade away completely to achieve the most natural result.

A consultation is necessary with the CLEAGE center surgeon to set the objectives of the treatment, specify the course of the operation, and explain to you the post-operative follow-up. A detailed protocol will be given to you during the consultation.

Gentle sedation, consisting of the use of light sleep treatment and local anesthesia will allow the mini lifting to be carried out in a completely painless manner, without needing a general anesthetic. All post-general anesthesia symptoms will be absent.

However, general anesthesia is possible for patients who require it and will be decided with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Thus, the surgical lifting operation is performed on an outpatient basis with the patient being discharged on the day of the operation.

The cervicofacial lifting technique lasts on average 2 to 3 hours.

Results and post-operative

Visible after the disappearance of the bruises and swelling of the face after about 15 days, the early results will make it possible to see the correction of the sagging of the face.
The deep healing of the tissues will improve the aesthetic aspect of the face over the days and the final results will be appreciated after 3 months.
The stitches will be removed 1 week after the operation and a check-up will be carried out during this consultation.
Scars at the hairline and towards the ear will be almost completely invisible.
A detailed protocol on the scar care to bring at home will be given to you, as well as details on the post-operative medication prescription (painkillers...).

Injections of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin may be given several weeks after the operation to further sublimate your face.



A sports absence is recommended for 3 weeks.

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