Buttock Lipofilling, Genève

Get it over with the flat buttocks

2 hours
1 night
2 to 3 weeks

Buttock lipofilling is the technique that allows a natural and harmonious augmentation of the buttocks.

It consists of an injection of the patient's fat to reshape, shape, and make your buttocks look fuller.

This lipofilling technique will help to treat sagging and smooth the skin of your buttocks.



An initial consultation with a CLEAGE surgeon is necessary to detail together with the course of the operation and to specify with him your expectations and needs.

The operation takes place under general anesthesia and lasts on average 2 hours depending on the amount of fat injected and therefore the results expected by the patient.


To carry out a buttock enhancement, the patient must have sufficient fat reserve. A surgical liposuction technique, sucking up fat from the hips, will be carried out before the buttock augmentation and will help to refine your pelvis and general figure. This fat will then be injected into your buttocks.

In case of insufficient stock, buttock augmentation can be envisaged by injecting hyaluronic acid or using the Bio-Lifting technique.

Lipofilling has the advantage of being a completely natural method, using only the patient's fat. No foreign bodies are then injected. The patient's fat will be ideally distributed during the modeling process to achieve a perfect result.

Results and post-operative

Immediately after the operation, the patient will be able to see the increase in volume. However, the results will be definitive after 4 to 6 months, the time it takes for the fat to integrate into the buttocks.

It is normal to notice a 20 to 30% reduction in the volume of the buttocks a few weeks after the operation. This can be explained by a reduction in post-operative edema and by the absence of certain fat cells in the gluteal tissue.
Once the fat has been perfectly integrated into the tissue (after 4 to 6 months), it is permanent. A second operation is often scheduled 6 months later to further refine the result.

An overnight stay in the hospital is usually scheduled for the patient's comfort.
Very fine incisions will be visible after the operation and will disappear after a few weeks. No scars will persist.
Bruising and reactive edema will be observed after the operation, gradually disappearing after 2 to 3 weeks.
Daily activities can be resumed 1 week after the operation and sports activities 1 month afterward.


CRYSTAL Cryolipolysis sessions may be offered to further sublimate your silhouette and sculpt your body.
Welcome to the world of body contouring.


The CLEAGE surgeon will advise you to sleep in a prone position for the first month and to sit on the lower buttocks area to facilitate the placement of the fat and to improve the results.

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