Buttock implants, Genève

Make your buttocks a seductive asset

2 hours
1 to 2 nights
4 to 6 weeks

Buttock implants aim to give your buttocks a pulpy and well-defined shape.

Often present from a very young age, slightly rounded buttocks can become a source of complexes. The installation of buttock implants, like breast implants, allows the patient to regain a harmonious roundness.



An initial consultation will be carried out with a CLEAGE surgeon who will explain the details of the operation, the expected results, and the follow-up. A detailed protocol will be given to you during this operation and photographs for before/after comparisons will be taken.

The operation will take place under general anesthesia and will last on average 1H30 to 2H.
During the operation, the gluteal implants will be positioned in the gluteus maximus muscle preventing secondary displacement and giving a natural result.

The implants are placed through a localized incision in the fold of the buttocks making the scar completely invisible. The shape and volume of the prostheses chosen will be advised by CLEAGE surgeons for a harmonious result adapted to your silhouette.
Buttock implants are very often combined with liposuction of the hips to sublimate your body even more.

Results and post-operative

The results are immediate after the operation. The patient will be able to observe the buttock augmentation obtained and the shape regained.
Bruises and edema will be present for 15 days and will gradually disappear. Analgesics will be prescribed for perfect post-operative comfort.


To further improve your figure and enhance your buttocks, CRISTAL's latest generation Cryolipolysis sessions will be offered.


CLEAGE surgeons will advise you to avoid any physical activity such as carrying heavy weight or leaning forward for 6 weeks. Similarly, a prone position for sleeping is strongly recommended during this period.


One to two nights under clinical supervision may be recommended by CLEAGE surgeons.
As with many cosmetic surgery procedures, the final results will be seen by the patient after 2 to 3 months.

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