Breast Prosthesis, Genève

Sublimate your cleavage with the installation of breast protheses

1h30 à 2h
2 à 3 weeks

A woman's breasts are the absolute sign of femininity.

However, the volume and shape of the breasts can be insufficient and dull an attractive figure. Breast implants at the Cleage Clinic in Geneva will give the breasts fullness and harmony.

There are several reasons to consider breast augmentation by prosthesis.
The presence of small breasts is the most common reason. However, asymmetrical breasts (smaller on one side than the other) or breasts that have decreased in volume (due to weight loss, for example) can also be corrected with a breast implant.

In the case of overall aging of the breasts, combining a loss of volume and significant sagging of the skin, breast augmentation by prosthesis will be associated with a breast lift (mammoplasty).


When to start

At the end of puberty, the definitive volume of the breasts is obtained.

It is then considered that a breast augmentation by prosthesis can be performed from the age of 20.


An initial consultation with the CLEAGE surgeons will allow them to discuss your needs and desires and examine whether this breast augmentation technique is the most suitable for you. They will also explain the expected results as well as the surgical follow-up. A detailed protocol will be given to you during this consultation as well as a prescription for care and medication for the aftermath of the surgery.


The surgical procedure under general anesthesia lasts an average of 1 hour to 1.5 hours.
A consultation with an anesthesiologist will be done before the operation to perform a preoperative assessment and eliminate any contraindication to general anesthesia.
The patient will be able to spend one night under surveillance for better comfort.


The breast prostheses are made of silicone, containing either saline or a silicone gel. 


The CLEAGE breast prostheses ensure the highest level of safety and performance to obtain an absolutely natural result. Their perfectly smooth surface avoids any inflammatory reaction and their material allows them to resemble the natural texture of the breasts.The CLEAGE Clinic has selected and uses breast forms from the largest laboratories to provide patients with impeccable quality.

Results and post-operative

The patient will notice the results immediately after the operation.
You will enjoy your new breast, with the volume and shape you desired before surgery.


Post-surgical breast tension is normal, and the breasts will become more and more supple as the days go by.

Some bruising and edema, secondary to the procedure, will be present and will fade after 2 to 3 weeks. A discreet edema will persist for about 3 months, at which time the results will be definitive.

Painkillers will be prescribed to calm any temporary pain.

The prostheses have a lifespan of about 15 years and will be replaced at that time.


The patient will have to rest for 10 days, taking care not to make any physical effort during the day (carrying objects, cooking, driving...).
The resumption of sports can be considered two months after the operation.
A support bra will be worn for 1 month.

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