Breast Lipofilling, Genève


2 to 3 hours
2 weeks

Many patients do not wish to resort to breast implants to obtain a larger cleavage. Therefore, more and more patients are resorting to another surgical technique to increase the volume of their breasts, breast lipofilling.

Lipofilling or breast lipomodelling is the surgical method that consists of taking the patient's fat and injecting it into the breast. This harmonious injection will create a natural increase in your breasts of 1 to 2 cups.


An initial consultation with the surgeons of the CLEAGE center will explain the procedure, the expected results and the after-effects. A detailed protocol will be given to you during the consultation, and measurements and photographs will be taken.

This procedure requires general anesthesia and lasts an average of 2h30.

It takes place in two stages:

  • a surgical liposuction will collect the patient's fat and will have the advantage of refining the silhouette and sculpting the curves of the patient;
  • the fat collected during liposuction is then analyzed and filtered to retain only the highest quality fatty tissue. Breast augmentation can then be performed by injecting this fat into the skin to obtain a plump neckline.


The main advantage of this technique is that it offers a natural approach to the patient, by injecting her own fat. No foreign body is used or placed for the breast augmentation.
Breast lipofilling is an outpatient surgical technique and does not require overnight clinical supervision, except in cases of special need.


Results and post-operative

The results will be visible immediately after the operation.

Thin incisions are made to perform the lipomodelling, leaving no scar. Some bruising and reactionary edema are normally expected and disappear spontaneously within 10 days.

It is normal to notice a progressive decrease of 20 to 30% in breast volume a few weeks after the procedure. This decrease is the direct consequence of the absence of fat gain in the breast and the decrease in edema.
In order to optimize the integration of the fat tissue, PRP or autologous stem cell injections can be combined at the same time.
Once the fat is integrated into the tissue (between 3 to 6 months), the result is definitive.

The Bio-Lifting technique can also be considered for a perfectly natural and biological augmentation of your breasts, in case of insufficient fat reserves.

Lipofilling is a revolution in the world of breast surgery for a natural, foreign body-free, definitive augmentation, with the benefit of enhancing the figure at the same time through surgical liposuction.

It is recommended to refrain from intense sports activities for 3 weeks after the operation.
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