Total Skin Solution, Genève

Total Skin Solution: the ultimate treatment for skin subliming

The CLEAGE Total Skin Solution signature treatment is a care protocol comprising two laser technologies during the same session.

The Genius radiofrequency will treat the deep layers of the skin and the Lase® will perform its action on the superficial layers of the skin.

The Genius radiofrequency will stimulate the natural production of new collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin fibers deep down and thus, improve tone and firmness. It will diminish superficial skin slackening or acne scars.

Lase® will help tighten pores, treat pigmentation spots and smooth the skin.



This complete treatment, performed during the same session, will result in 3 to 4 days of simple redness, which will gradually disappear over the days. The latest laser technology thus prevents crusts, peeling, or burns to restore healthy, radiant skin.
The Total Skin Solution can be applied from a very young age to treat acute flare-ups and acne sequelae, for example.

The Total Skin Solution will also be recommended to improve sagging skin (wrinkled appearance), associated with sunspots, creating a rough complexion.
CLEAGE doctors will also recommend this combination treatment for the improvement of sensitive skin or skin with a high phototype (matte, black, Asian) known for its difficulty of treatment.

The Total Skin Solution represents the ultimate treatment in aesthetic dermatology, accessible for all skin types.

To improve the results and to perpetuate the effectiveness of laser treatments, daily treatment with the active ingredients of the ZO Skin Health range is essential for a lasting improvement in skin quality.

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