Rejuvenation of sensitive skin, Genève

Sensitive skin: Dare Lase® laser treatment

The rejuvenation of the skin consists of an overall improvement of its quality in all its aspects: complexion, redness, hydration, sebum rate, texture, and regularity.

In the case of sensitive or very reactive skin as soon as cosmetic products are applied, the choice of treatment is reduced or even becomes impossible.


Thanks to the ZO Skin Health range of active ingredients, CLEAGE doctors will set up tailor-made cosmetic protocols that will be able to correct reactive skin and restore a skin barrier resistant to external aggressions.
Daily care will allow a long-lasting improvement of skin quality.

The CLEAGE center has LUTRONIC's Lase® in its technical platform, a reference in the treatment of reactive skin. Its wavelength of 1927nm makes it the essential solution to improve pigmentation disorders, tighten dilated pores or reduce fine lines in case of very sensitive skin.

With light after-effects (redness for about 48 hours) perfectly make-up able, it combines effectiveness and ease of treatment.

No need to look for a solution to sublimate your skin, Lase® is the tailor-made treatment adapted to your skin's sensitivity.

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