Refine your face, Genève

Refine your face

Thanks to aesthetic medicine and injection techniques, a natural and harmonious refinement of the face can be achieved.
The objective of the CLEAGE Refines your face signature protocol is to obtain a harmonious V-shape of the contours (well known as V-Shape).
This shape will bring finer features, diminish a facial appearance that is too heavy and restore a perfect oval.
The results are immediate, without surgery and pain.

This exclusive treatment is made possible thanks to the expertise and the artistic sense of CLEAGE doctors. This protocol is tailored and personalized to each facial morphology.
CLEAGE's expert doctors will guide you on the different treatments to be considered to sublimate features and volumes to obtain a refined face.
Precise and subtle injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin can be performed at key points on the face.


Several injection techniques and treatment areas are often necessary for global refinement.

  • Cheekbones and the valley of tears:
    Treatment of the middle third of the face (cheekbones, the tears through) is almost systematically performed by injecting hyaluronic acid in strategic areas of the face. The injections will result in a full and dynamic face in the cheekbones, naturally and subtly hollowing out the cheeks and thus participating in the refinement of the face seen from the front.
  • The jaw:
    The masseter muscles of the jaw (in the angle of the jaw below the ear), resulting in a jaw that is too square, contribute to an increasement in heaviness. Masculinization of the face may even be present in the case of overly powerful masseter muscles (this is called hypertrophy of the masseter muscles). Relaxation of these muscles by botulinum toxin injections will reduce their volume, thus softening the angle of the jaw and restoring a harmonious curve of the oval of the face.
  • Profiloplasty:
    A sublimation of Profiloplasty treatment areas such as the chin, nose, or lips by injections of hyaluronic acid will contribute to the impression of refinement.
  • The Skin:
    Also, a fine skin texture, free of pigmentary disorders, scars, redness, or dilated pores, will diminish the roughness of the face and thus reinforce the fineness obtained through the techniques of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections.
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