Hollywood Peel, Genève

Hollywood Peel: for an immediate shine

With time, pigmentary spots appear, the skin slackens and loses tone.

The CLEAGE Hollywood Peel signature protocol will fight the effects of aging with immediate results for a unified complexion, tightened pores, and smoother skin.

With no side effects or social eviction, this revolutionary treatment is also completely painless.

Coming from the United States, it is the most popular treatment performed by celebrities just before a high-profile entry on the red carpet (hence its name).
Thanks to its instant radiance boost, it is the absolute treatment for a rejuvenated skin and a sublimated Glow of your skin (natural shine).

The CLEAGE center places the Hollywood Peel technique as the reference treatment for an effective and gentle rejuvenation of the facial skin.



The Hollywood Peel treatment takes place in two steps:

  • Collagen dermal stimulation phase:
    A black carbonaceous lotion will be applied to your face after cleansing your skin. The lotion will then penetrate the different layers of the skin, as well as the sebaceous glands (producing the sebum or oil of your face).
    Thanks to this carbonaceous lotion, the first laser treatment will gently heat your skin to produce stimulation and contraction of the collagen fibers, resulting in an immediate tensing effect and tightening of the pores. Several passes (about 10 min) will be performed with the laser.
  • Laser Peel Phase:
    The second phase consists of emitting a shorter laser beam that will make the fine carbonaceous particles in the lotion explode.
    Having penetrated the skin, the Laser Peel will cause exfoliation of the superficial layers composed of dead skin, stains, and impurities.
    It will destroy part of the sebaceous glands, thus reducing the production of sebum, hence its particular interest in acute inflammatory acne.


Thus, you will obtain immediate results to know:

  • a unified and radiant hold;
  • a tightening of the pores;
  • a decrease in fine lines;
  • a smoother skin;
  • improved skin tone and firmness.

Carried out a few hours before an event, it is the essential treatment for your facial skin. For even more effectiveness, it is recommended to perform between 3 to 4 sessions spaced two weeks apart.


This CLEAGE signature protocol does not lead to any social eviction or side effects.


The Hollywood Peel session is perfectly painless and performed without local anesthetic.


In case of acute inflammatory acne, several sessions will be recommended to diminish acne eruptions, but also the secondary spots of past eruptions.


Precautions to carry out the Hollywood Peel technique:

  • absence of recent sun exposure 2 weeks.
  • no current treatment with isotretinoin (Roaccutane and related products);
  • no photosensitizing treatments in progress;
  • no daily cosmetic use of high concentration retinol;
  • absence of melasma.

The daily use of ZO Skin Health cosmeceutical will allow maintenance of your skin and will perpetuate the results.

The signature Hollywood Peel treatment can be performed before an injection session with botulinum toxin and/or hyaluronic acid.


450 CHF.

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