Ethnic Rejuvenation, Genève

Taking care of ethnic skin with advanced laser treatments

The treatment of black, matte, or Asian skin is completely different from the treatment of white skin. They have specific characteristics that make them particularly sensitive to certain laser treatments used to improve white skin quality.



Black, matte or Asian skin is marked by:

  • a particular sensitivity to pigmentary disorders (melasma, sunspots, etc.);
  • acne scars that are generally deeper than on white skin;
  • a high risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (spots appearing on acne scars, after powerful laser treatment, a deep peel...) ;
  • pores that are often enlarged.


The CLEAGE center has a complete technical platform composed of lasers that can take care of all aesthetic dermatological problems whatever the skin type.


The CLARITY II laser will allow medical laser hair removal on all skin types, even black skins. Thanks to its advanced technology, rejuvenation, and treatment of vascular lesions can be undertaken if necessary.

The SPECTRA XT laser, the undisputed reference in aesthetic dermatology in the treatment of pigmentary disorders, will be able to treat melanic spots thanks to its wavelength of 1064nm, regardless of the color and sensitivity of the skin.

Lase® will achieve a Baby Glow effect on the most difficult skin types for a gentle improvement in skin quality.

The GENIUS radio frequency will improve superficial skin sagging, skin tone, and deep acne scars.


These lasers were created by LUTRONIC and developed to treat all skin types, particularly Asian skin. The Asian skin is reputed to be one of the most difficult to treat, particularly due to the risk of spots following intense laser treatments. All these lasers have been designed to treat all dermatological disorders with great efficiency and safety.
It is only natural that the CLEAGE center has chosen LUTRONIC lasers, which are world-renowned and synonymous with excellence.


The CLEAGE center places the active ingredients of the ZO Skin Health range within its ethnic skincare protocols.
These cosmeceuticals can be used daily on all skin types and are one of the only ranges that can correct several dermatological problems on all phototypes (pigmentation spots, enlarged pores, excess sebum, acne, rosacea, dehydration).

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