Contouring, Genève

Define the contours of your face

Contouring is the technique of aesthetic medicine used to harmonize the volumes and define the contours of a face. This treatment is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid at key anatomical locations.
The CLEAGE Contouring signature protocol will highlight the beautiful areas of your face to create a play of natural light and shadow.
This technique is personalized to each face and adapted to the morphology of each person.

CLEAGE doctors will advise you on the different treatment areas and techniques for a perfect Contouring. The different treatment areas mentioned below can be treated at the same time during the consultation.
It is complementary to the CLEAGE signature techniques of Profiloplasty which allow defining the profile (composed of the forehead, nose, mouth, and chin seen from the side), an aesthetic characteristic recognizable to everyone.



Several treatment areas will be considered to allow a complete CLEAGE Contouring signature treatment to obtain a perfect definition.


  • The temples :
    The treatment of hollow temples (mainly secondary to a loss of fat in this area over time) with injections of hyaluronic acid will allow you to obtain a full lateral look, lift the tail of the eyebrow but also avoid breaking the harmonious curve that begins at the top of the forehead.
  • The cheekbones and the valley of tears :
    Treating the cheekbones with hyaluronic acid will create a superior support for the face and a natural look of a medical facelift. Fine and precise injections of hyaluronic acid will shape and/or return the cheekbones to their original positions in case of sagging. They will also help maintain the oval of the face.
  • Jawline and oval of the face :
    The jaw angle (also called a mandibular angle) and the jawline should be treated to obtain a good definition of the oval of the face and a natural demarcation between the lower part of the face and the neck, which has faded with time. Subtle injections of hyaluronic acid will bring a natural and harmonious definition of the jaw and will help to hollow out the cheeks a little more.
  • The chin :
    Finally, a subtle forward projection of the chin, as well as a homogeneous topping thanks to hyaluronic acid injections, will complete the work of Facial Contouring and restore the oval of the face.
  • For men :
    The techniques described above restoring and defining the curves of a face apply to Contouring for women. The objective is to create soft curves that feminize facial aesthetics. However, the signature techniques of Contouring can be performed on men. The doctor will focus on the same treatment areas but describing angles instead of curves, thus virilizing the face a little more.
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