Baby glow, Genève

Radiant with the Baby Glow effect

Baby Glow is the term for smooth and radiant skin.
This effect is achieved through regular skincare with professional cosmetology adapted to your skin condition, deep HydraFacial beauty care, and gentle rejuvenation techniques using the Lase® laser.



Thanks to the active ingredients of the ZO Skin Health range, daily care will result in a rapid improvement of the skin's quality in all these aspects (hydration, sebum level, dilated pores, sunspots...). Its 3 steps of home care (Getting Skin Ready, Correction, Protection) will ensure a complete skin action.

To accelerate the results, CLEAGE doctors advise performing Lase® sessions for a soft and natural rejuvenation by laser, without heavy consequences (slight redness for 24 to 48 hours, perfectly "makeupable").

Combination with regular, monthly HydraFacial treatments is recommended to remove deep impurities accumulated over time. 3 phases will follow one another during a HydraFacial treatment at the CLEAGE center, called cleansing and exfoliation of the skin, extraction by vortex technology, and hydration and skin protection. The HydraFacial will provide an instant burst of radiance and an immediate and natural shine effect (Glow).

A real dermatological must-have, this signature CLEAGE Baby Glow protocol is the solution for maintaining skin quality over time.


550 CHF / session

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