Acne Scars Revision, Genève

ACNE SCARS REVISION is a custom-made protocol created by CLEAGE doctors, bringing together several techniques and advanced technologies during the same session to treat your acne scars.



The combination of several treatments during a single session will potentiate the results and accelerate the appearance of new skin.

The expertise of CLEAGE doctors will give you a precise analysis of your acne scars. The choice of treatments, as well as the implementation of an adapted protocol to the type of your scar, are essential for the success of the treatment.


Several types of acne scars exist ice pick scars, rollings scars, box scars, hypertrophic scars as well as pigmentary (persistent brown spots), or vascular (persistent red spots) disorders secondary to acne flare-ups.


All these forms of scars require special treatment to make them disappear or attenuate them.

The severity of acne scars will determine the number of sessions, after analysis of your skin by CLEAGE doctors.


The custom-made protocol adapted to your acne scars

The ACNE SCARS REVISION protocol brings together several techniques like subcision, TCA cross, microsurgery, and microneedling as well and the most advanced technologies like the latest generation INTERMEDIC CO2 laser or LUTRONIC's GENIUS micro-needle radiofrequency.

The use of CLARITY II (vascular and pigmentary), SPECTRA XT (Q-Switched pigmentary), or LASETM (fractionated non-ablative) lasers will allow the treatment of resistant brown or red spots that are because of acne.

PRP will allow for faster and more effective healing.

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