Virilization of the face, Genève

Affirm your virility by masculinizing your facial features

As with women, the codes of masculine beauty become essential to preserve the harmony of a face as well as the virility that emanates from each man.
A mal face is composed of specific characteristics opposite to the female face. Indeed, the limits of the face of a man present angles whereas the female face forming a general curve.


Today, aesthetic medicine makes it possible to accentuate the masculinity of each man. This is possible by injections of hyaluronic acid at strategic and key points of the facial anatomy. We speak about virilization or masculinization of physical appearance.
CLEAGE doctors will allow you to sublimate the virility that lies in each one of you, by offering you a customized and signature care protocol adapted to your facial morphology.

For this, several areas of treatment of your face will be considered :

  • The jaw :
    The presence of a square and wide jaw increases overall virility. Precise injections of the mandibular angle will create an imposing jaw, masculine characteristic par excellence.

  • The chin :
    Its association with a square chin is essential for the harmonization of the face and constitutes the second essential treatment site for a natural masculinization.

  • The look :
    The existence of eyebrows that are more pronounced forward and lower than on women will contribute to general virilization. The forehead will also be more accentuated in the lower part of the eyebrow, creating a more massive appearance.

  • The cheekbones :
    The sublimation of angular and high cheekbones is often considered.

Moreover, regenerative medicine, thanks to autologous stem cell injections and plasmapheresis, exclusive techniques of the CLEAGE center, will allow preserving the general dynamism of each individual.

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