Profiloplasty CLEAGE, Genève

Sublimez votre profil

CLEAGE Profiloplasty signature protocol is the art of sublimating your profile thanks to hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injection techniques.

No surgical intervention is necessary, the results are immediate and without consequences as during an injection session.

The objective is to find or regain harmony, whatever your age. An expert look by CLEAGE doctors will guide you on the corrections to be made to embellish your profile while keeping the naturalness of your face.

Visible when looking at a face sideways or against the light, the profile is a marker of beauty and eternal youthfulness.


  • Forehead correction :

    A topping with hyaluronic acid on the forehead will correct a forehead that is too flat or concave, restoring perfect convexity, a sign of the youthfulness and dynamism of the face. Slight irregularities may persist for a few days after the injection until the hyaluronic acid is perfectly integrated into the skin.

  • Nose correction :

    With the help of hyaluronic acid injections, it is possible to precisely modify the nasofrontal and nasolabial angles, shorten a nose that is too long, erase an unsightly nasal hump, or raise the tip of the nose. Note that only surgery will be effective for a deviation of the nasal septum.

  • Lip correction :

    To embellish your lips, CLEAGE doctors can reduce the height of the upper white lip, plump up the red lip to increase its volume, or reshape the shape of your lips (hem). In case of dental problems, the CLEAGE center will refer you to a dentist to provide posterior support to your mouth before any injection.

  • Chin correction :

    In case of a chin that is too far back, CLEAGE doctors will align the tip of the chin with the tip of the nose, respecting a beauty line of the face called the Ricket's line. The result is a realignment of the oval of the face and a reduction in the impression of an oversized nose. It is more difficult to harmonize the profile when the chin is too far forward. However, botulinum toxin will help to reduce the hyper contraction of the chin muscles and reduce the appearance of an overly pronounced chin.

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