Westernization of the face, Genève

Adopt the western beauty canons

The westernization of the face represents all the techniques of medicine and cosmetic surgery creating the codes of beauty specific to Western women.

This very frequent demand, especially from women from Asia, will be analyzed by the CLEAGE center's expert doctors who will propose a personalized protocol adapted to your face.


Several techniques are available, in particular hyaluronic acid injections that can be performed on different areas of the face.

  • The look:
    The opening of the look by botulinum toxin injections, the application of tensor threads, or eyelid surgery to remove the internal canthal fold (characteristic of the Asian population) will diminish its closed appearance.
  • The nose:
    The creation of a thinner nose and a highlighted nasal bridge will diminish the appearance of nasal width that emanates from a face of Asian origin.
  • Mouth:
    The presence of a wider mouth (the mouth of women of Asian origin is not very wide) will bring dynamism to the face and a sublimated sensuality. Very often associated, the creation of high and perfectly defined cheekbones will support the whole face upwards.
  • The chin and the oval of the face:
    The lower third of the face is systematically treated by lengthening and harmoniously rounding the chin. Also, accentuating the definition of the oval of the face and the mandibular angle will improve the demarcation between the neck and the face.
  • The Skin:
    The presence of pigment stains, especially melasma, is very often found in women of Asian origin. Laser techniques, specially designed for the treatment of Asian skin, will be proposed to you, as well as daily treatment with ZO Skin Health products, a world reference in the pigmentary disorder treatment. Sessions of plasmapheresis will participate jointly in the reduction of the pregnancy mask, the latter being present from 20 to 30% of Asian skins.


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