Nasal Bump, Genève

Find a harmonious profile with the treatment of the nasal bump

The nose appears as the central element of the face. The presence of a bump on the nose, mainly visible from the profile, leads to an unsightly appearance impacting the whole facial harmony.


CLEAGE doctors and/or surgeons will allow you to permanently erase this problem to restore elegance to your nose and softness to your face.


Causes / contributing factors

From birth or secondary to a traumatism, the nasal hump is generally located in the middle of the nasal ridge, thus modifying the angles, especially the naos-frontal angle.

By increasing or decreasing the nasofrontal angle, the aesthetic appearance of the nose will change. Between 115 and 135°, opening it will lengthen the nose while closing it will shorten it.


Medicine and cosmetic surgery make it possible to treat a nasal hump using different techniques, thus playing on the angles to regain nasal harmony.


Medical Rhinoplasty

Hyaluronic acid injections fill the spaces before and after the nasal hump and make the hump disappear completely without surgery. This is called medical rhinoplasty. This technique is to be considered in the case of a slightly to moderately prominent nasal hump.

Precise filling before the bump will close the nasofrontal angle a little more to give the illusion of a shortened nose. Injection at the tip of the nose is often associated to project the tip which is a sign of youth and dynamism. The procedure lasts on average 30 minutes. The result is immediate and usually lasts 9 months to 1 year.

CLEAGE doctors will propose a personalized treatment adapted to your face to obtain a tailor-made result.
The after-effects are minimal with almost no edema. Bruises can sometimes occur. However, it is advised not to wear glasses in the following days and to avoid massaging or blowing your nose too strongly.

Nasal injections of hyaluronic acid will sublimate your profile. They are part of the Profiloplastie's signature CLEAGE techniques. Concomitant treatment of the lips, chin, or forehead may be considered at the same time to obtain a perfect profile.


Surgical Rhinoplasty

If the nasal hump is too prominent, surgery to reduce it is preferred. This is called surgical rhinoplasty. It will also allow the correction of other deformities or after-effects related to past traumas that the injections will not be able to treat. Referring surgeons in surgical rhinoplasty will study with you the treatment possibilities to obtain an optimal result.


The analysis of your nose during the consultation by a CLEAGE center doctor will direct you towards the best aesthetic solution.


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