Forehead Lines, Genève

Restoring a smooth appearance to the forehead with the treatment of forehead lines

Forehead lines are expression lines located on the forehead. They are responsible for an aging aspect of the forehead and can be corrected simply by injections of botulinum toxin by CLEAGE doctors.


Causes / contributing factors

They are caused by the too intense contraction of the frontalis muscle present on the forehead of the face.
It allows the elevation of the eyebrows and is responsible for the presence of horizontal furrows that are sometimes very deep, unsightly, even embarrassing (especially for make-up).


Several botulinum toxin injection points allow decreasing the contraction of the frontalis muscle, making wrinkles gradually disappear from the 3rd day, and smoothing the skin of the forehead.

The CLEAGE doctor's analysis will allow the exact dose of botulinum toxin to be used to give the patient the optimal result while keeping a natural result.

The CLEAGE center advises a treatment with small quantities of botulinum toxin as soon as these wrinkles appear to avoid the birth of these skin fractures. Forehead lines are erased. The upper part of the face has a new glow.


The injection of forehead lines is almost systematically associated with the injections of frown lines and crow's feet wrinkles to take care of the upper part of the face as a whole and to obtain a radiance boost.
The duration of the injection session is 15 to 30 minutes on average. The results obtained with botulinum toxin injections last between 5 and 6 months.


The CLEAGE center advises you to browse through the needs and solutions tabs on the site to have the most precise information on the choice of your treatment technique.

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