Varicosities of the lower limbs, Genève

Have your varicosities removed

Superficial spider veins or varicosities are anarchic venous vessels generally present in the legs.They cause an unsightly appearance of the skin with bluish reflections at their level.


They are secondary to the presence of poor venous return in the lower limbs.


The venous blood searching for a path, neo-vessels develop and thus create varicosities. They take on a tortuous and sinuous appearance and are purplish or even bluish.


Causes / contributing factors

Heat, hormonal disorders, prolonged standing, obesity, or an abnormal venous return promote the development of varicosities.


It is advised to raise your legs in the air after a day's work, avoid underfloor heating or wear support socks when working with prolonged standing.


The CLEAGE center benefits from the Nd Yag Clarity II laser from LUTRONIC, the reference in the treatment of lower limb spider veins. This laser will allow the painless disappearance of superficial veins.


Several sessions are generally necessary. This will depend on the size and number of varicosities present on the lower limbs. The results appear immediately or a few days later depending on the type of varicosities.


Above a certain size (generally 0.5mm in diameter), laser treatment is impossible and requires a precise vascular analysis by an angiologist to obtain a satisfactory result. Treatment of large diameter varicosities or varicose veins is generally done by sclerotherapy. The CLEAGE center does not perform sclerotherapy on its premises but will refer you to radiologists recognized in sclerotherapy treatment.

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