Superficial Loosening of the skin, Genève

Fight naturally against the superficial loosening of the skin.

Superficial loosening of the skin occurs gradually and over time.
Particularly marked on certain areas of the face (wrinkled appearance of lower eyelids and cheeks) as well as on the neck, it leads to an aging appearance of the skin.


CLEAGE Clinic offers the most advanced solutions to fight against this superficial loosening.


Causes / contributing factors

Skin aging progressively leads to the destruction of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin fibers of the skin.


This is followed by the appearance of parchment-like skin.


This skin aging is accelerated by various factors such as :

  • Intense and repeated sun exposure;


  • active smoking;


  • a sedentary lifestyle;


  • the absence of cutaneous stimulation and regular cosmetological care.

CLEAGE doctors will use the most advanced technologies to fight against your skin loosening.


In case of moderate superficial loosening, the Lutronic Genius radiofrequency will allow the production of new collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid, and elastin thanks to the stimulation of the deep layers of the skin, in particular the fibroblasts (cells producing these fibers). This new synthesis will bring new tonicity, firmness, and elasticity to the skin. Also, a contraction of the existing collagen fibers will cause a superficial tensor effect on the face.
With micro-needles, the Genius will deposit heat between 60 and 65°C (unlike 3rd generation radiofrequency depositing heat between 41 and 43°C) from a depth of 3.5mm to 0.5mm.
2 to 4 layers of energy deposition, at different depths, will be realized forming a true simulation mesh.

Your skin than does the work and gradually regenerates new skin fibers.


In the case of associated pigmentation spots, the Genius can be coupled at the same time with the LaseMD® to achieve the CLEAGE Total Skin solution signature protocol.


When more severe loosening is observed, CO2 laser resurfacing is preferred. The latter will provide a greater quantity of energy for unequaled skin stimulation. It will also reduce pigmentation spots, naturally smooth out superficial wrinkles and provide a harmonious tensing effect.
In both cases, the results will begin to be visible from one month and will continue to improve over time (the natural production of neo collagen takes several weeks).

Both procedures will be completely painless under local anesthesia in the form of a cream or fine injection.


Between 2 to 4 Genius sessions will be scheduled in case of moderate superficial loosening.

However, a single session of CO2 laser is sufficient in case of more pronounced loosening.

After a Genius treatment, simple redness and slight swelling will be present for 3 to 5 days and will disappear spontaneously.

A longer healing time of 1 to 2 weeks is necessary after a CO2 laser session, depending on the intensity of the chosen protocol and the indication for treatment.


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