Melasma, Genève

Recover radiance by erasing the pregnancy mask

The pregnancy mask otherwise known as melasma or chloasma corresponds to the presence of brown pigmentary spots on the face, hormone-dependent, generally symmetrical, and bilateral (on both sides of the face).

Frequently appearing at the end or after pregnancy (hence its name), it can be very embarrassing aesthetically and give complexes. However, it can also occur outside of any gestational period.


It affects the vast majority of women on the anterior surfaces of the cheeks, the upper lip, or on the forehead.

Sometimes it can also be located in other areas (jaw, temples, belly...). Melasma can take different forms at different levels of severity. It can be barely perceptible, superficial, and very light brown (epidermal), or diffuse, very deep, and dark brown to grayish (dermal).


Causes / contributing factors

Melasma is caused by hormonal disorders, hence its frequent development during pregnancy. It can also be caused by the use of hormonal contraception.


UV radiation from exposure to the sun is a factor that triggers or promotes pregnancy masks. It is for this reason that we see melasma stains become stronger during the summer and diminish during the winter period.


Heat and UV radiation will stimulate the melanocytes (cells present in the skin that produce the pigment called melanin), induce the production of melanin, and consequently strengthen the spots.


A pregnancy mask is often present throughout life and there is no treatment to date that can remove it definitively.
Thanks to the combination of several treatments, stabilization of this mask can be achieved leading to its almost symptomatic disappearance (disappearance of spots but the maintenance of the skin's natural predisposition to reproduce spots, particularly in the sun). However, constant skin maintenance is necessary.


The first and most important treatment is top-of-the-line daily sun protection, which will strengthen and prevent melanocyte stimulation following sun exposure.
The resting of these cells by frequent applications of sun protection will avoid the reinforcement of these spots and thus decrease their intensity.

The use of retinol, the most effective active ingredient in reducing melanogenesis (melanin production), is essential in the treatment of melasma. A customized protocol using retinol and other active ingredients (glycolic acid, vitamin C...) ZO SKIN HEALTH is essential for any treatment.


The CLEAGE center benefits from LUTRONIC's SPECTRA laser, the first laser to have FDA approval (the very strict US Food and Drugs Administration) for the treatment of pregnancy masks. Several sessions are often necessary. The duration of the treatment will depend on the intensity of the pregnancy mask.


The LaseMD® sublative fractionated laser, combined with serums based on vitamin A or tranexamic acid, will also make it possible to reduce the pregnancy mask in 4 to 6 sessions.


CLEAGE doctors will work with you to draw up a detailed and personalized protocol for the management of the pregnancy mask.

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