Brown Sunspots, Genève

Get rid of brown sunspots

Sun-related brown spots, also called lentigos, are very common and affect all skin types. They are particularly visible in the population with fair skin (phototype 1 to 3) but can exist on all skin types and this regardless of gender.


They mainly affect areas that are photo-exposed to the sun such as the face, the back of the hands, or the décolleté. They appear progressively after repeated sun exposure and increase in intensity over time.

They can take different forms ranging from small, light-colored, superficial spots to large, deep, well-defined, intense brown spots.


Causes / contributing factors

Melanocytes are the cells responsible for skin color through the production of the pigment called melanin. The synthesis of melanin is increased by exposure to the sun, particularly by UV radiation.


The latter will stimulate the melanocytes, which in response will produce melanin.

This is a protective response of the body to the sun. With the progressive aging of the skin, the synthesis of this pigment takes place in a disorganized manner, concentrating more in certain places and thus leading to the birth of lentigos.


Several treatments are available to erase sunspots.

  • In the case of weakly pigmented spots or heterogeneous complexion, LaseMD® sub-ablative fractional laser sessions can erase these spots. Also, LaseMD® will bring a better tone to the skin, which is often loosened and refined by the sun.


  • For an instant radiance boost to the complexion and sunspots that have not yet been treated, the CLEAGE Hollywood Peel signature protocol is the treatment of choice. This Laser-Peel technique immediately results in smooth and vigorous skin (Babyglow). To maximize results, 3 to 4 sessions are recommended, spaced 2 weeks apart.


  • In the case of very pronounced and large sunspots, LUTRONIC's QSwitch Spectra laser will allow the lentigos to be removed in 2 to 3 sessions. A superficial crust will form on the lentigo and will disappear 4 to 5 days after the session, causing its pigmentation to diminish or disappear depending on its intensity.


  • After cosmetological preparation of the skin, a 3 Step Peel ZO SKIN HEALTH peel may also be considered for light to medium-intense sunspots. It will also tighten the pores and regulate the production of sebum by the skin. A controlled peeling and redness for 5 to 7 days are expected to give way to healthy skin.


  • A daily cosmeceutical treatment from ZO SKIN HEALTH is systematically associated with all treatments to regulate the production of melanin by the skin and to improve the complexion of the face, to make the skin stronger against the aggressions linked to the sun, and to protect it.

The orientation on the type of treatment to be preferred will be made during the consultation with a CLEAGE doctor and after analysis of your skin type and sunspot.


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