Neck and Cleavage, Genève

Erase sunspots from your cleavage

The neck and neckline are among the areas most exposed to the sun.

Premature aging of the skin usually occurs, characterized by the presence of brown spots or typical redness.

A discordance can then be created between a regularly maintained face and a rarely treated neck and cleavage area.


Causes / contributing factors

The neck and cleavage are the sites of several aging processes:


  • Static wrinkles, horizontal on the neck and vertical on the cleavage, are often visible in this area. They will be treated by injecting hyaluronic acid or Skinbooster.


  • Hypercontraction of the neck muscles (noticeable by the platysmal cords) is often present and can be alleviated by the injection of botulinum toxin. These injections will decrease the activity of the neck lowering muscles.


  • Also, a superficial loosening of the skin giving a wrinkled appearance is generally apparent. It will be corrected by the use of the Genius radiofrequency.


However, when exposed to the sun, brown spots and a rough complexion of the cleavage and neck may occur, resulting in a caramelized and aged appearance of the skin. This disharmony can be corrected by aesthetic medicine techniques.


The Hollywood Peel technique using the SPECTRA laser can be proposed for a fast, effective, and seamless rejuvenation. It will be used in case of a dull complexion and not very intense spots.

A phase of heating the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and natural elastin, and a phase of Laser-Peel will be performed. The treatment is completely painless and without local anesthesia. Between 3 and 4 sessions are recommended for a complete result.


The LUTRONIC Lase® laser will allow a gentle rejuvenation of the skin of the cleavage. Thanks to its sub-ablative fractional laser technology, it will harmonize the complexion and reduce more intense spots.

A redness for 2 to 3 days will be visible, disappearing spontaneously. Local anesthesia by cream application is preferable to make the session more comfortable. 2 to 4 sessions are necessary for optimal results.

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