Warts, Molluscum and Pendulums, Genève

Say goodbye to your warts, molluscum, or pendulums.

Warts, molluscum, or pendulums are defined as unsightly skin growths. They can be aesthetically disruptive and can cause them to become sticky.

The CLEAGE center benefits from the CO2 laser technology of excellence to make them a distant memory.


Causes / contributing factors

Secondary to local viral infections, warts, and molluscum can develop all over the body.


  • Warts have a predilection for appearing on the hands, feet, and face.


  • Molluscum lesions usually develop on the back, torso, or hands.


  • Pendulums, excrescences of the skin hanging from its surface, are present in the folds of the body (armpits, neck, groin fold ...).

The CO2 laser makes it possible to permanently treat these lesions in an effective way and without any constraining consequences.

Thanks to its UltraPlus mode of action, the CLEAGE doctor will use a laser vaporization technique leading to the gentle, rapid, and painless elimination of these skin excrescences.


The after-effects are marked by a very superficial crust that disappears after 2 to 3 days without leaving a scar.

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