Beauty spots, Genève

Remove annoying or unsightly moles

The mole, beauty spots, or nevus is a small pigmentary stain located on the surface of the skin with a more or less marked relief. Existing since the youngest age, they can be present on all parts of the body and all skin types.


These moles can be removed very quickly without leaving unsightly scars.


Causes / contributing factors

Often judged as aesthetic, they can however be localized in areas of the face or body that are easily torn off, causing them to bleed recurrently or have an unsightly relief.


Surgical removal after local anesthesia remains the best treatment available to remove these moles. Healing takes 10 to 15 days. An anatomopathological analysis is systematically performed after any removal of moles to check for the absence of abnormal cells.


For some nevi, removal can be performed by the Plasma technique and CO2 laser.
Fast and effective, it will allow directed healing without leaving marks.


Annual monitoring is recommended for all patients (especially fair-skinned) with a large number of moles and/or atypical characteristics.

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