Voluminous buttocks, Genève

Rediscover the small buttocks of your youth

Sagging buttocks with cellulite can be a source of a complex.

Several CLEAGE medical and surgical solutions can be proposed to you to regain harmonious and pulpy buttocks.


Causes / contributing factors

Often due to genetics, the presence of cellulite increases over time and leads to the formation of dimpled skin on the surface of the skin.

This orange peel appearance, especially present in the lower buttocks area, leads to an unsightly aesthetic shape.

The absence of physical activity and a rich and overly sweet diet will contribute to the increase of the cellulite zone, which will then promote the relaxation of the buttocks.


In the event of a loss of buttock tone, CRISTAL FIT sessions are the reference to obtain a fuller buttock. Electromagnetic waves will stimulate the contraction of the buttock muscles creating deep support. This is called a "medical butt lift".

One session of Cristal Fit is equivalent to 20 000 squats on the buttocks without physical effort. This technique is completely painless and takes place without anesthesia and embarrassing consequences for the patient. A true revolution in body contouring techniques, CRYSTAL FIT is the ultimate solution for toning your buttocks simply and effectively.

A parallel reduction in small fat deposits will also be observed after several Cristal Fit sessions.

The latter is almost systematically associated with the Onda Cool Waves technology, which treats sagging skin and cellulite painlessly and without sequels, thanks to microwaves that have a tightening effect on your skin and a localized destruction of your dimples.

The technique of Cryolypolysis by CRISTAL PRO is not very indicated to reduce the volume of the buttocks. Indeed, the very effective melting of the fat mass by the cold, often located in the lower part of the buttocks, will lead to a loss of support and then promote the presence of flat buttocks. If this technique is chosen, secondary buttock augmentation is chosen (lipofiling, buttock implants) to reshape the buttocks.

When there is a significant amount of fat, surgical liposuction techniques will reduce the excess fat and thus reduce the dimpled areas present.

CLEAGE surgeons will advise you to combine buttock liposuction with hip liposuction to further refine and sublimate your figure.

In case of severe associated slackening, a buttock lift may be performed at the same time.


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