Love handles, Genève

Say goodbye to love handles

Love handles are the small fatty lumps above the hips and around the waist.

Despite the tender nickname, they can be at the origin of many complexes, because of the breaking of the silhouette that they cause and the impression of the width of the hips that they give.


Several CLEAGE techniques will erase these love handles definitively.

Causes / contributing factors

With the belly, this area is often one of the first to increase in size when gaining weight.


An unbalanced diet and an absence of sport will then promote their progressive appearance.


When they are small to medium size, love handles are generally treated by Cryolypolysis CRISTAL PRO, a method of intense and localized cold for a determined period. The crystallization of the adipocytes (fat cells) will lead to their gradual and painless elimination. The results appear with time for a definitive result after 4 months. 1 to 3 sessions can be carried out on love handles.

In case of important overweight and consequent love handles, liposuction will allow in a radical way to eliminate these fatty zones. Under local or general anesthesia, the aspirated fat can be used for lipofilling techniques to increase the volume of the buttocks or breasts.


A balanced diet and regular physical activity will help optimize the results obtained by cryo lipolysis or liposuction.

To further refine the silhouette, the Genius radiofrequency or Onda Cool Wave technology can be used and bring the skin a tensing effect thanks to the natural production of collagen fiber, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that it will generate in the deep layers of the skin.

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