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Slim down your hip size

The hips correspond to the point of articulation between the pelvis and the legs.

The width of the hips is defined by the size of the pelvis, different according to the morphology of each one. This width can be increased by the presence of fat and cause discomfort in everyday life, especially when choosing clothing that highlights the waist.


Several CLEAGE medical and cosmetic surgery techniques can help reduce this fatty area.

Causes / contributing factors

From family and/or favored by bad eating habits and a low level of sports activity, this area may be fat from a young age or may gradually increase in size over time.


The hips can also be the site of a chronic inflammation of fat called chronic cellulite, responsible for an unsightly orange peel appearance.


The choice of treatment will be made during the consultation with the CLEAGE doctor and will depend on the size of the fatty area to be treated.

Cryolypolysis CRYSTAL PRO, a technique aimed that reduces fat through the intense localized cold for a given period, will result in the reduction of small to medium-sized fat areas. The session, completely painless and without anesthesia, lasts 1 to 1h30.

35 to 40% of the thickness of the fatty tissue will disappear after 4 months.
This is the time necessary for the elimination of the fat cells crystallized by cryo lipolysis and to have the final results of the first session. The maximum number of sessions is 3.


Liposuction or lipoaspiration will treat much larger fat areas, by aspirating under local or general anesthesia the excess adipocytes (fat cells). This radical technique in one go will cause some bruising that will disappear after 2 to 3 weeks. The fat harvested can be used for lipofilling techniques to obtain more curved buttocks or to increase the volume of the breasts.

Afterward, these treatments are very often associated with the Genius radiofrequency or the Onda Cool Waves technology which will tighten the skin by stimulating the deep layers and generate the natural production of collagen fiber, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Too pronounced love handle or saddlebags will accentuate the impression of width that emerges from the pelvis. This leads to a heavier lower figure. Concomitant treatment of the love handles and the saddlebags can be considered at the same time or afterward to highlight and sublimate the silhouette even more.

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