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Eliminate the roundness of your belly

Removing the small fatty mass weighing on the belly that becomes more pronounced during the holiday season is essential for a harmonious and attractive body.

Diet and/or sport can make it difficult for some people to lose it, but other methods allow it to disappear effectively. Welcome to the world of CLEAGE techniques of BodySculpting.


Causes / contributing factors

It can be secondary to hormonal disorders (hypothyroidism, excess of cortisone, post-pregnancy...) or too important weight variations.

From a small belly to an imposing one, its size can vary.

Of course, a healthy diet and regular sports practice will contribute to its disappearance and will sublimate the results obtained thanks to aesthetic medicine.


The reduction of the abdominal fat area can be obtained in two ways: cryo lipolysis or surgical liposuction.

In the case of small fatty areas, Cryolypolysis CRISTAL PRO is the technique of fat melting by constant cold (around -7°C) for a determined period (1 hour for the abdominal area). Without anesthesia and perfectly painless, it will crystallize the fat cells which will progressively degrade over time, to obtain definitive results after 4 months.
One session will allow you to lose approximately 30% of the treated fat thickness. A maximum of 3 sessions will be carried out in the same area.

For a more radical solution for larger areas of fat, surgical liposuction is the reference. It will aspirate the fat from the abdominal fat pad under local or general anesthesia. Hematomas and some pain will occur after liposuction for 2 to 3 weeks, but will be perfectly relieved by painkillers and will disappear spontaneously.
The fat removed can be used for lipofilling, for example, to naturally increase the volume of the buttocks or breasts.

The choice between these two techniques will be made with the doctor during the initial consultation in the CLEAGE center.

Following these procedures, CRYSTAL FIT sessions, thanks to the electromagnetic fields, will increase muscle volume to restore deep tonicity to your belly.

In the case of wrinkled skin, the Genius radiofrequency oh the Onda Cool Wave technology will be able to firm the superficial skin layers.

Thanks to all these techniques, the reduction of the fatty mass to the profit of an increase in the muscular mass, reinforced by good dietetics and regular sports activities, will sculpt the silhouette quickly.

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