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The codes of beauty conveyed through social networks, magazines or movies advocate a full and very shapely buttock.

The presence of flat buttocks, lacking volume, can lead to a real complex for patients. A real asset of seduction, the absence of shapes can be a source of loss of confidence.


CLEAGE's medical and cosmetic surgery departments now offer several solutions to address this problem.


Causes / contributing factors

Generally, family genetic predispositions to have flat buttocks are found in patients.


An absence of regular sports activity is a major aggravating factor in the lack of roundness in the buttocks, due to the lack of muscle mass. In some cases of drastic dieting, rapid weight loss can lead to a loss of buttock fat and thus promote the appearance of flat buttocks.


Several treatments are available to increase the volume of the buttocks:

  • Buttock lipofiling, which consists of injecting the patient's fat into the buttocks, is one of the most commonly used techniques. 100% natural, it has the advantage of refining the silhouette thanks to the surgical liposuction performed before the lipoffiling which will harvest the fat and this at the same time of the operation. The results are definitive after treatment.


  • In case of insufficient fat reserve, injections of hyaluronic acid in the buttocks can be performed to obtain a moderate increase in the desired volume. The duration of hyaluronic acid is approximately 3 years.


  • Bio-Lifting is a technique using the patient's plasma, centrifuged and concentrated from a simple blood sample from the patient himself, to create volume and make your buttocks look fuller. It is a 100% natural technique because no foreign body is injected.


  • CLEAGE surgeons can also offer you buttock implants for fast, natural, and efficient buttock augmentation.

CLEAGE doctors and surgeons will guide you towards the technique or combination of treatments best suited to your needs and expected results.

Of course, it is advisable to practice a daily sport to improve the support of the buttocks and to sublimate them, so that they become your essential beauty asset.

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