Breast Ptosis, Genève

Give life to your cleavage

Breast ptosis is defined as a global loosening of the cleavage. It leads to an unsightly appearance of drooping breasts and empty breasts.


The CLEAGE surgical techniques allow us to respond to this problem to regain a natural and pulpy breast.


Causes / contributing factors

Two intertwined mechanisms are often present.

Following aging, a decrease in the volume of the mammary gland occurs giving the impression of an empty cleavage. With time, sagging breasts gradually appear, no longer holding their original position.

This decrease in volume is often accompanied by a slackening of the skin of the breast, thus participating in the general sagging of the cleavage.
A similar loosening of the chest can be seen in cases of major and rapid weight loss, in the context of overweight and intense dieting.


CLEAGE surgeons will advise you on the breast lift which is the reference technique to treat sagging breasts. This technique will straighten and firm your breasts. It can be associated, at the same time, with an increase in breast volume by breast implant technique or lipofiling.


Bio-Lifting is a technique using the patient's plasma, centrifuged and concentrated from a simple blood sample from the patient himself, to harmonize and sublimate your cleavage.
It is a 100% natural technique because no foreign body is injected.



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