Breast hypotrophy, Genève

Sublimate your cleavage

Breast hypotrophy is defined as small breast size, out of harmony with the rest of the body.

The codes conveyed today in society advocating generous breasts can lead to discomfort or even a real complex for patients with a small cleavage.

CLEAGE cosmetic medicine and surgery now make it possible to sublimate a patient's breasts in a simple, effective, and natural way.


Causes / contributing factors

Breast hypotrophies can have different forms ranging from small necklines to almost complete absence of breasts. Asymmetries can also be seen with one breast smaller than the other.
Several causes are at the origin of a small breast:


  • Firstly, family predisposition is the most frequent reason in patients, leading to a lack of breast development during the pubertal period;


  • intense sports activity can prevent breast growth;


  • overtime, the aging of the breast leads to a decrease in breast volume.

CLEAGE surgeons will propose three solutions to increase the volume of your breasts and thus find an asset of seduction:


  • Breast implants are a solution to restore the shape of your breasts. Different shapes and sizes of implants will be proposed to you to obtain the result most adapted to your needs and expectations. The most beautiful ranges of breast implants on the market will be proposed by CLEAGE surgeons. They have been chosen with the utmost care to obtain a harmonious result and guarantee total patient safety.


  • Bio-Lifting is a technique using the patient's plasma, centrifuged and concentrated from a simple blood sample taken from the patient himself, to harmonize and sublimate your cleavage. It is a 100% natural technique because no foreign body is injected.


  • Breast lipoffiling is another technique allowing a natural and customized breast augmentation. It consists of injecting the patient's fat in specific areas of the breast. This fat will have been collected a few minutes before during surgical liposuction, allowing at the same time to refine the silhouette.


When a loosening of the skin of the chest is observed, a breast lift may be associated with an increase in volume.

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