Breast hypertrophy, Genève

Reduce the size of your breasts

Breast hypertrophy is defined as overly large breasts that interfere with the activities of daily living.

In certain situations, breasts that are too large, breast hypertrophy can be a real handicap and/or the source of several disabling symptoms (neck pain, shoulder pain...).


Today, cosmetic surgery makes it possible to simply and definitively solve this problem.


Causes / contributing factors

Too much breast volume is often acquired at the time of puberty when breast development occurs. Hormonal disorders can promote the appearance of a significant cleavage in adulthood.

There are several stages of hypertrophy depending on the breast volume of the patient.


The only solution for a permanent reduction in breast volume is surgical breast reduction. The CLEAGE surgeons will detail with you the course of the operation, the after-effects as well as the expected results.

The CLEAGE center advises you to browse through the breast reduction tab for more details.

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