Wrinkles of the crow's feet, Genève

Find a sparkling look with the treatment of crow's feet wrinkles

Crow's feet wrinkles or peri-orbital wrinkles are expression lines located on the lateral part of the eyes.

Aesthetic medicine and in particular botulinum toxin injections can erase crow's feet wrinkles simply, quickly, and effectively for a natural look.


Causes / contributing factors

They are mainly due to the repeated contraction of the lateral portion of the orbicular muscle of the eyes. This hyper contraction results in a closing of the eyes with age, as well as a drooping of the upper eyelid and the tail of the eyebrow.


They are favored by exposure to the sun, smoking, and a lack of daily skincare. They are one of the first visible signs of facial aging.


The botulinum toxin will allow the relaxation of the orbicular muscle and thus the disappearance of crow's feet wrinkles, but also a lifting of the upper eyelid and a horizontalization of the tail of the eyebrow to obtain a dynamic and harmonious look. We speak about the plenitude of the glance.

Botulinum toxin is the reference treatment for this area of the face and systematically brings spectacular results on these wrinkles from the 3rd day after the injection session (time needed for the botulinum toxin to act).

The CLEAGE center advises a treatment with small quantities of botulinum toxin as soon as these wrinkles appear to avoid the birth of these skin fractures.
The results obtained thanks to botulinum toxin injections last between 5 and 6 months.
The injection of crow's feet wrinkles is almost systematically associated with the injections of frown lines and forehead lines to take care of the entire upper part of the eyes.
In the case of very deep wrinkles or very late aesthetic treatment, frown lines attenuated by botulinum toxin may slightly persist.


Complementary treatment with hyaluronic acid can be considered to make these wrinkles disappear.


An association with radiofrequency by GENIUS micro-needles is often carried out afterward to reduce crow's feet wrinkles that are very marked. An absolute reference in the treatment of loosening skin, LUTRONIC's Genius radiofrequency will stimulate the deep layers of the skin and lead to the natural production of elastin fiber, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to fight against skin loosening. It will thus restore the skin's perfect tone.
3 to 4 sessions one month apart are sufficient to reduce loosening skin.
Slight redness and slight edema that can be perfectly masked are present for 48 hours and disappear spontaneously.
Radiofrequency sessions are to be carried out 3 weeks apart from the injections.


The CLEAGE center advises you to browse through the needs and solutions tabs of the site to have the most precise information on the choice of your treatment technique.


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